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11.08.2019 Public Messages

Federation Of Muslim Councils (FMC) Wish Muslims ‘eid Mubarak’

By Federation Of Muslim Councils
Federation Of Muslim Councils (FMC) Wish Muslims ‘eid Mubarak’
LISTEN AUG 11, 2019

ACCRA – In line with the Eid al Adha festival to be held on Sunday, August 10, the Federation of Muslim Councils of Ghana (FMC) extend fraternal greetings and ‘Eid Mubaarak’ to Muslims worldwide. We also extend our greetings to all Ghanaians including the leadership of Ghana.

As the festival is meant to commemorate the move by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham - peace be on him) to sacrifice his son Isma’il (Ishmael – peace be on him) for the Lord, it’s our belief that Muslims will continue with their sacrifice of animals and share same with their neighbors and draw the appropriate lessons.

The FMC wishes to call on all Muslims to promote peace in Ghana during and after the period of the celebration. Muslims must also intensify their prayers for improvement in national security and offer the necessary support for, and collaboration with, the security agencies in the country.

Aspiring Ghanaians must also conduct peaceful campaigns towards the coming District Assembly elections.

Muslims must also promote education of their wards, and stay away from criminals such as abductions, drug addiction, burglary, internet fraud, and reckless driving.

Hajj Muhammad Amir Kpakpo Addo

(General Secretary, Federation of Muslim Councils)