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June 26, 2000 | General News

Woman found dead at Kisseman


By Akua Adobea Addo

THE body of yet another woman has been found at Kisseman near Accra triggering off fears that the Accra serial murderers have resumed their activities.

The latest victim, believed to be in the middle age group, is yet to be identified.

Over the past two years, about 24 women have been murdered in Accra under mysterious circumstances, most of them around Dansoman/Mataheko area.

Though the latest body was found at Kisseman, near Achimota, it answers all the characteristics of the Mataheko/Dansoman murders.

The body was naked with shoes and underwears beside it.

Residents of Kisseman, however, believe that the woman was murdered somewhere and the body brought there to confuse investigators.

At the time the Graphic went to the site the police were already there.

They would, however, not comment on the incident, saying it is premature as investigations have just begun.

The latest incident has once again painted a gloomy picture about the ability of the security agencies to uncover the mystery surrounding the serial killings.

The residents called for intensified police patrol in the area since the murderers could use the area as their new operational base, once Dansoman is now under constant police patrol.

A number of people at the site, therefore, stressed the need for the police to intensify patrols.

Furthermore, they called on the public to co-operate with the police to unravel the mystery surrounding the serial murders.

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