10.02.2006 Crime & Punishment

Bagbin, Pratt & Co. To Be Arrested?

10.02.2006 LISTEN
By The Ghanaian Democrat

Sourcing as swift as smoke from a volcano, springs, the President like an unrepentant bully who gave off his most antagonistic speech on the controversial Representation of People's Amendment Bill, during his last sessional address in the parliament, with a warning, threatened any individual or group of person who would resist it by causing what he described as mayhem.

The Ghanaian Democrat, can revel that an arrest of the two most outspoken political activists, Kwasi Pratt, Managing Editor of the Insight and Hon Alban Bagbin the Minority Leader in Parliament, for expressing the views of the people's disagreement with the bill, is a possibility as alleged by sources close to the government.

Though many continue to raise concerns about the bill, among which is the issue of lack of logistics and that the scheme is unfeasible for Electoral Commission to conduct the exercise worldwide if the bill is implemented. But Pratt and Bagbin's threat to government to withdraw the debate from Parliament accompanied with a warning of mayhem that might follow if the bill is passed, have turned the thorny issue more scary to the government.

On that note, Kufuor and his NPP government are now terrified by the resistance and are considering any means to quench the spark before it explodes into a nationwide inferno, with the impending massive demonstrations as planned by these two exponents in the opposition. Hence the possible arrest of the two.

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