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29.07.2019 Technology

How Automation And Algorithms Can Take Out The Risk Of 3D Printing Manufacturing

How Automation And Algorithms Can Take Out The Risk Of 3D Printing Manufacturing
LISTEN JUL 29, 2019

On-demand manufacturing can be an essential service for businesses and engineers everywhere, especially those looking at 3D printing. Previously, there have been some major concerns about sending designs to be manufactured off-site by CNC machining and 3D printing services. It took time and money, especially when flawed designs had to be redesigned and manufactured accordingly. Luckily, online manufacturing platforms like 3D Hubs make it easy for engineers to get their hands on everything from prototypes to end-part production models.

How? With automation and algorithms leading their top-notch 3D printing service.

When coming up with a custom part or product, there's bound to be some conflict between design engineers and manufacturing engineers. These misunderstandings can result in flawed 3D printing designs, time spent going back and forth with production shops, and lots of money spent on the model after model. With online on-demand manufacturing, lots of these issues can be solved within seconds, all without setting foot in the facility.

When engineers upload their designs, DfM feedback algorithms can detect design issues within a few seconds. Not only will the program find issues, but also suggest changes for a better print. This goes for 3D printing as well as CNC machining services. The feedback platform takes a myriad of variables into consideration, especially production techniques. It can suggest a different type of manufacturing or specific tools for the, particularly tricky models.

After the design has been assessed and manufacturing methods are chosen, the platform can give instant price quotes and production time frames for 3D printing services. With the quote and time frame in hand, engineers can consider switching up materials or ordering different quantities in order to customize the service to the goals of their businesses. Since this process takes place entirely online, there's no need to deal with pushy salespeople or even a local shop that reaches capacity too quickly for the needs of their clients. 3D printing and CNC machining involve plenty of moving parts. There are several different materials and processes to choose from. Engineers can access this information in the same place as the DFM feedback.

On-demand manufacturing is the perfect solution for engineers and businesses looking for 3D printing and CNC machining. When 3D printing services are fully automated, algorithms can assess designs and generate fair and consistent pricing. From there, the part immediately goes into production. Customers will find that prices at 3D Hubs are always true to market value.

For more information, check out the 3D Hubs website and Youtube series.


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