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29.07.2019 General News

Asante Women Are ‘Evil’ – Pastor Booms

By News Desk
Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi
LISTEN JUL 29, 2019

Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has incurred the wrath of many by describing Ashanti women as greedy, heartless, disrespectful, evil and materialistic, claiming they are not good materials for marriage.

A video of the pastor has gone viral on social media where he is heard launching an unprovoked scathing attack on Ashanti women.

Besides, he did not spare Fante women, whom he tagged as 'foolish' and Ewe women, whom he described as 'doormats'.

He warned that any man that wants to enjoy marriage should never consider marrying an Ashanti woman because they are not genuine lovers, as they only chase properties.

“Do you know that when you marry an Ashanti lady, you have imported a problem?” Badu Kobi asked, stressing that he would never marry or recommend anyone to marry an Ashanti woman.

“Asantes, their eyes are red, looking for property, looking for things to carry back to their hometowns. Their mother is at the corner and secretly influencing everything. I have done my research; if my daughter is going to marry, I'll tell her 'if you want to go and be driven back, go and behave like an Ashanti girl',” he stated.

“Ashanti women don't respect Ashanti men, especially when you are broke. They will ask you, you, who are you! She will dress you from top,” he added.

It was unclear if he was preaching a sermon but the short video did not show Badu Kobi quoting a single verse in the Bible to back his tribal-laded tirade.

Attacks Video

Sounding tribalistic, the controversial pastor rhetorically asked his church members if they were aware that marrying an Ashanti woman automatically leads to problems for the man.

Fante and Ewe Attacks

At this juncture, all the noise in the church suddenly went dead as the place became quiet like a ghost town. Badu Kobi even realized the sudden change of mood of his congregation.

Trying to win his church members over his tirade of abuse, Badu Kobi jokingly said, “The room is quiet”, but nobody responded.

Clearly trying to play smart, the prophet then turned his free-insult sermon to Fante women, whom he described as 'foolish' and Ewe women as being 'doormats'.

“Now to the Ayigbes, who were doormats to men, are now becoming eye open too,” he said. But the congregation did not respond to this insult as well.

Personal Experience

The passion with which Badu Kobi attacked Ashanti women gave a clue that perhaps he (Badu Kobi) was once in love with an Ashanti woman who jilted him painfully.

Analyzing the video, one could also conclude that the controversial man of God was sad inwardly and he was sharing a personal sad love story with his congregation.

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