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05.02.2006 General News

University student killed ..while 'doing his thing'

A second year Population and Family Life student of the University of Cape Coast was in the early hours of Friday morning found dead under a shed in the bushes behind the Cafeteria building of the university.

The deceased, who has been identified only as Sulley of Casford Hall, is believed to have been mistaken for game by a hunter and shot dead.

A few metres from the body lay a big dead antelope with its head stained with blood, apparently abandoned.

Some of the students of the university interviewed said they believed a hunter who might have abandoned the antelope mistook Sulley for game and shot him dead that night.

They said they believed the hunter must have left the antelope behind upon realizing that he had shot and killed a human being.

Some students frequently use the bushes in the area as places of convenience and for smoking.

In the past few months, there have been a number of stabbing incidents in and around the university resulting in two deaths, while the incidence of mobile phone snatching has been on the increase.

The students called on the university security authorities to intensify their patrols in order to offer better protection to the residents of the university.

When the Daily Graphic got to the scene at about 8: 15 am that morning, the lifeless body of Sulley was lying face up with bloodstains on the neck.

Sulley's swollen body was in grey shirt and a pair of black trousers with a packet of cigarettes near him.

Meanwhile the Vice Chancellor, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Addo- Obeng, has visited the scene to have first-hand information about the tragedy.

The body of Sulley was being conveyed to the morgue of the University Hospital when the journalist from the Daily Graphic was leaving the scene.