Larry Amponsah ‘Speaks’ Art To City Of London School

By Wilfred Clarke
Larry AmponsahLarry Amponsah
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Larry Amponsah has taken his crafting ideas and drawings right to the classroom for some students to enjoy at City of London School.

The ever busy Ghanaian artist has been able to find some time out of his busy diary to impart some knowledge and intelligence into students who are serious about art as a subject matter.

Larry as an artist thinks enough is not being done to push art into schools, colleges and even universities, saying: “I always find it hard to explain the level of fulfilment I feel when I am invited into various institutions to teach some of my artistic philosophies and inspired students, teachers and practitioners through my practice.”

Paying homage to curator Katherine Finerty Mr Larry said: “I had the privilege to host another enlightening college workshop at City of London School and to celebrate their art week with them in a grand style, it was all blue-printed by the incredible Katherine.

Lauding the administration of City of London School, Larry said: “Education is important, but it is very effective when it encourages diversity, and on all levels City of London School does this best, that’s the reason why it’s undoubtedly one of the best and it’s about time other institutions do same.”


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