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31.05.2019 General News

Harriet Afriyie Foundation supports HIV Kids Orphanage At Kpando-Konda

Harriet Afriyie Foundation supports HIV Kids Orphanage At Kpando-Konda

Harriet Afriyie Foundation has donated assorted items worth GHC10,000 to three orphanages in the Kpando Municipality of the Volta Region

The donation is in line with the foundation vision of a "A world with Empowered and Independent Women and Girls and Slogan: Helping Hand".

The donation which was initially intended for the only licensed and operational HIV kids Orphanage in Ghana at Kpando-Konda, Hardthaven children home was extended to the other two, Ryvanz Mia and Missahoe children homes respectively due to the magnanimity of the foundation founder madam Harriet Afriyie who received written request from the other two.

The items donated were boxes of assorted drinks, detergents, toiletries, biscuits, mattresses, bags of rice, sugar boxes of Indomie instant noodles, bags and boxes of minerals water , cooking oil , buckets , boxes soap among others.

Harriet Afriyie Foundation is a non-profit and charity organisation that seeks to explore the sense of hope, possibility and accessibility.

This is based on the inspirational life experience of the founder encouraged her to reach out and empower the girl child, women and the most vulnerable in our society.

In a short speech delivered by the founder, Madam Harriet Afriyie over the weekend, she said the human population is growing so fast with growing challenges and widening gap between the less privilege and the well to do.

She emphasized that "There are many challenges faced by the less privilege that hinders their dreams and aspirations in the society".

She continued that "Some of these challenges include lack of proper education, lack of potable water, lack of adequate basic food, sexual abuse against the girl child, lack of proper support for rural and poor women, female genital mutilation, spread of preventable diseases like malaria, lack of safe and secured environment for the girl child and inadequate mentorship for the girl child".

"The efforts of governments and international organisations across the world in stepping up to address these challenges are not enough. There is the need for a more participatory civic responsibility and volunteerism to complement the efforts for governments for a better society where everyone can freely dream and achieve", she said.

"The need for ‘Helping Hands’.We came all the way from Accra to demonstrate these words in action. When we all lend a hand to one another we shall all grow in a happy world. This motivates our slogan ‘Helping Hand, " according to her.

The Manageress of the HardtHaven children home, Madam Daniella Vos thanked Harriet Afriyie Foundation for extending support to the home.

She called on other corporate organisations, NGO's and philanthropist to come to their aid.

She added that the home currently do not have a car and anytime a child falls sick, they either have to rush to the road site and pick a taxi or during late hours they will have to put the child at their back and tie it with a cloth to the hospital.

The program had in attendance traditional rulers which included Togbe Adevu clan Chief of Kpando-Konda and the Chairman of occasion was Togbe Foli sub-chief of Kpando Agudzi including the Assembly member for area and other opinion leaders.

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