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27.05.2019 Opinion

A Historic TEIN Hand Over Ceremony At Lawra Nursing Training College

By Raphael Derbie
A Historic TEIN Hand Over Ceremony At Lawra Nursing Training College
MAY 27, 2019 OPINION

A mega and power packed TEIN hand over ceremony at the Lawra nursing training college was a historic one based on some fundamental issues which are elucidated as the article unfolds.

The theme of the programme was "Strengthening TEIN For Victory 2020". It was well attended by both regional and constituency executives not excluding TEIN members on campus.

The regional chairman of the the party, chairman Bunas, was well represented by our vociferous regional communication officer, Mr Puo-ire Prosper while the regional youth wing was represented by Mr Polkuu Titus, one of the deputy regional youth organisers. Joseph Amewugah who is the deputy regional TEIN coordinator was also present on the grounds.

Also in attendance was the former DCE for Lawra constituency, Hon Sampson Abu. He was the chairman for the occasion.

The historic aspect of the programme is that the day of the programme has become a memorable one as the founder of the party, H.E JJ Rawlings, initiated trees planting to overcoming global warming in the near future in our country. It also signifies the fulfilling and prosperous future the former president wishes this country.

The constituency chairman who is famously called by multiple names such as chairman Buzu, chairman Kapala, lchairman Tilapia, chairman Ebony etc made the programme captivating and fantastic. He assured the people his readiness to help TEIN grow and achieve its targets. He said, "I am ever ready together with my executives to support you to achieve our collective aim, 2020 victory". "We are available and approachable, so don't hesitate to approach us with any issue". He pledged on behalf of the constituency executives to partly shoulder the bills of TEIN ID cards for members. His openness, caring and jovial attitude added lots of flesh and colour to the programme. I can, without any modicum of doubt describe him as the man of the people.

The teaming students populace who were largely youth were charged by the deputy constituency youth organiser, Mr Adams Ahmed Mohaideen on behalf of his boss, Mr Michael. He first of all lambasted the current government for non-performance. He said, "Nana Addo led government borrowed more than any government in the history of Ghana yet they have nothing concrete to point to". He assured the TEIN members of the willingness of the constituency executives to support them in any ways so that they can together achieve victory in the coming elections. Mr. Adams advised TEIN members to always consult the constituency executives with their problems.

He said, "we the constituency executives are always available. Do not be afraid to consult us any time you are facing any problems or challenges. We are ready to assist you to function effectively".

He further added that the 2020 election requires a collective effort to win resoundingly. On that note, he came out with a well carved slogan, "Possible Together". This brilliantly crafted slogan took the center stage of the entire programme. Dery Joshua who is the deputy communication officer in the constituency was also present to grace the programme.

The TEIN coordinator, Mr Amewugah Joseph, mounted the podium and journeyed members through the role of TEIN in the limited voter registration exercise as well as the pending general elections. "In the 2020 elections, the party will need party agents. You are in the right position to execute that task. So be ready to make yourself available for this task".

He further charged members who do not have voter ID card to try and register when the limited registration commences on 7th June. Mr Joseph told members to get their younger brothers and sisters registered especially those who turned eighteen (18) now".

Mr. Evans Ibn Samba, the patron of the association on campus is a brilliant and foresighted young man. A very committed and dedicated patron of course.

In his speech, he bemoaned the seemingly inactiveness in other words, dormant nature of the party at this material moment.

He wishes the party had embarked on a number of demonstrations and other actions against certain things this inept government is doing. He said, "I am disturbed at the dormant nature of the party on lots of issues when we have less than two years to go to the polls". He reassured the members that he was going to spare no effort of his to organising regular meetings and also uniting members and executives on campus so that TEIN will be a formidable force on campus. He promised to building a solid data base for their members. He said, "I will help build a solid data base for members on campus and continue to organise regular meetings so that we can increase the numerical strength of our members".

He added that health screening exercise will also be used as a tool to embark in membership drive". This brilliant but humble young man spoke with passion and his level of seriousness could be seen by all and sundry.

The deputy regional youth organiser, Mr Polkuu Titus, on behalf of the regional youth organiser, Mr N.B.D Nicodemus Dery, and the youth secretariat, commended the organisers of the programme. He commended the outgoing executives for the great work they did. He was surprised to see such numbers in an opposition party meeting like this. He said, "the numbers in the hall has given me hope that members in this institution are indeed committed to TEIN activities". "I believe strongly that the incoming executives will maintain the status quo if not raise it higher".

Mr. Polkuu Titus in his speech, chastised the Akuffo Addo led government for failing to fulfill his mouthwatering promises he gave to the good people of this country in his bit to becoming president during the 2016 elections. The Upper West regional deputy youth organiser said, "president Akuffo Addo has deliberately caused confusion between student nurses and their parents. The president told the whole world that he has restored nurses allowances and student nurses are being paid their allowances every month. There is gross mismatch between what Akuffo Addo said and the reality on the grounds". Mr.Titus asked the student nurses the number of months government owes them and the response was seven (7) solid months. He added, "this is how deceptive this government is". "Parents and guardians are made to believe that their wards are being paid allowances while they are in school but this belies the reality on the grounds". "This attitude of the president has seriously created a lot of hatred and confusion between student nurses and their parents at home anytime these students demand money or support from their parents". He said this on behalf of the regional youth commander, Mr.NBD Nicodemus Dery, at the Lawra NTC TEIN hand over ceremony. He ended his tasks by swearing in the new executives.

The newly sworn in president, Mr Tanya Dordaah Elisha, electrified the hall when he mounted the podium to deliver his message. In his speech, he promised to print ID cards for members and also work tirelessly to strengthen the numerical strength of TEIN on campus. He gave assurance that he was going work hard with his executives to bring NDC back into power in the coming general elections.

Interestingly, the programme became more intriguing when the regional communication officer mounted the podium. Mr. Prosper Puo-ire who represented the regional chairman of NDC, popularly called chairman Bunas, reignited and enlivened the spirit of the students populace in the hall. The over zealous student populce who were desperate to seeing this powerful young communicator mounts the podium, readjusted themselves on their seats with their heads raised, eager to hear what this young man had for them. It was abundantly clear from the posture of the students that they were all party to listen to the indefatigable communicator.

The "Walking Encyclopedia of History" was our regional communicator's new name. He was christened "The Walking Encyclopedia of History" after he took the whole house through the historical antecedent of the NDC more specifically events that led to the June 4 episode. This issue came up as he referred to the programme as a historic one because the party's founder was doing something great on that very day. In his bit to eulogise this icon, H.E JJ Rawlings, he articulatively elucidated some of the things he did.

Overwhelmed by his fluent, articulative and deep level knowledge on the subject matter, the students and the high table seated with their mouths and eyes opened as the young man electricfies the hall with plethora of evidence-base issues to drum home his message to empower the youth. The former DCE who doubled as the chairman for the occasion could not hide his admiration for the regional communication officer and so in the his closing remarks, he christened the brilliant communicator "The Walking Encyclopedia of History".

The Walking Encyclopedia of History in his historical analysis enumerated litany of issues that defeated the attempts by Akuffo Addo to rewriting Ghana's history to include his father as well as his uncle, JB Danquah.

Mr Puo-ire Prosper having shown pictures in a graphic and mentioned over five names of Akuffo Addo's relatives occupying positions now, went further to show pictures and mentioned names of Akuffo Addo's former girl friends. This, he did as a response to Nana Addo who some time ago attributed family and friends government to the erstwhile John Mahama. He charged the discerning students to juxtapose the current government to the previous government led by JM and see which is more of a family and friend government.

The regional communication officer mentioned plethora of the NPP campaign promises that are unfulfilled even in their third year in office. Examples of such promises include; 350 SHS, one village one dam, one million one constituency, one district one factory, just to mention but few.

He again chastised the government of their much touted fight against galamsay. Mr Prosper referred to Nana Addo's fight against galamsay as a mirage as Aisha Huang and her Chinese counterparts like her sister Hellen Huang continue to engage in galamsay and wood logging with impunity and were defended vigorouly by the senior minister resulting in them going unpunished.

The chairman of the occasion, Hon Sampson Abu, having been mesmerised by the communicator's presentation named and commended him for wonderful job done. He further advised the young men and ladies to befriend ladies and men respectively who are outside their enclave so that they can win more souls for the party.

He again charged members to be aggressive because they have been armed with all the missals that they needed to debate and defeat their opponents. In order not to be taken out of context, he explained what he meant by to be aggressive. "I will not say all die be die rather I will charge you to be aggressive. This means that you must engage in a spirited intellectual discourse with the NPP wherever you meet and defeat them now you have all these factual missals".

He added that members of TEIN should support their leaders to deliver so that they can collectively achieve the common goal being pursued. He said, "you must support your leaders by attending meetings and paying dues to ensure smooth running of the association, failure to do that will render your executives ineffective ".

Derbie Raphael
[email protected]

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