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17.01.2006 General News

Osu Mantse: I've not authorised seizure of land


Accra, Jan. 17, GNA - The Osu Mantse, Nii Nortey Owuo III on Tuesday declared that he had not authorised the Mankralo or any other person to seize any properties or make any public statements regarding Osu Stool affairs.

In a statement signed in Accra by Nii Okwei Nortey, Osu Stool Secretary, the Osu Mantse said the authority of dealing with Osu Stool properties, landed or otherwise, remained that of the Mantse and the Osu Divisional Council and not the Mankralo or the Osu Traditional Council. The statement said the Osu Mantse had not authorised the Mankralo or any other person to seize properties or make public statements regarding the Osu Stool affairs.

He, therefore, cautioned that public officers, investors and land developers who dealt with persons other than the Osu Mantse and the Divisional Council did so at their own peril.

It said current media reports including unutilised vested lands and the European Residential Area, were dear to the people of Osu, and the Mantse would continue to pursue these matters until they were fully resolved.

"The Osu Mantse will not condone the use of illegal means including contempt of the Appeal Court judgement in pursuit of these worthy and pressing aspirations."

The statement said the Council was currently negotiating with the Lands Commission and other trans-national bodies and said a statement would be issued after the negotiations.