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08.05.2019 General News

NPP Chairman Orlando Hails Mahama For Serving Their Interest

Chairman Orlando

Mahmood Ibrahim Mahama, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) stalwart of the Upper East Region has earned the respect of party followers for responding appropriately to challenges facing them.

Many NPP footsoldiers who have come into contact with the presidential staffer have described him (former NPP organiser) as an outstanding politician serving the interest of Ghanaians.

This was disclosed by Alhaji Issahaku Jamal, known popularly as Chairman Orlando, a former Constituency Chairman of the NPP in Kumbungu in Northern Region.

He said the former Upper East Regional Organiser of the governing party, now deputy director in charge of operations at the seat of government thus flagstaff house (Jubilee house ) has served in various capacities in the NPP and has always shown commitment to addressing challenges facing party foot soldiers.

He said Mr. Mahmood played a very credible role in shaping the political fortunes of NPP in the Upper East Region when NPP was indeed losing grounds at the grassroots level in spite of the good policies and programmes that the party had for the electorates.

He said the former organiser instituted programs and policies to inspire party followers and succeeded in winning many souls for the NPP in the region that was predominantly an NDC strong base.

"He made sure NPP executive visited every polling station in the region, selling the good policies of our party and that effort paid off for the NPP", he said.

Mr Mahmood Mahama together with other regional executives nationwide introduced viable programmes to assist NPP to recapture power from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2016.

For some of us we are not surprised that he is able to partner Lord Commey, the former national organizer of our party at the seat of government in carrying out the day to day operations of government due to his level of experience", he noted.

According to Chairman Orlando, the NPP has already rolled out viable policies and programs in the last two years for Ghana’s accelerated development, but the organizational mechanisms and strategies needed to get the policies and programs to the nook and cranny of the country will depend on how government officials conduct themselves in responding to the plight of the electorates.

“Our communication team members are doing their best but we need to do more on the organizational aspect of party affairs", he stressed.

He added that Mr. Mahmood Ibrahim Mahama has demonstrated true leadership in responding to the grassroots. "It will assist the party to conduct clean campaign and will urge all party members to respect the party’s leadership as we journey through the 2020 electoral exercise. We must take good care of party followers without any hitches for the party to stand united".

Under the circumstance, he showered tonnes of praise on Mr Mahmood Mahama who served as an NPP upper east regional organiser for 12 years (1996/97 – 2009) and was the Coordinator for Nana Akufo-Addo campaign in the northern part of Ghana for responding appropriately to the plight of party followers.

Mr Mahmood was also the Deputy Director of Operations for the Nana Akufo-Addo 2012 Campaign and played diverse roles in 2016, and in all, showed so much of commitment to the welfare of our footsoldiers. In government today, he is doing great things for our footsoldiers, and we salute him for that. That is an excellent work for party development, we are grateful to him for the sterling performance in office ", he concluded.