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22.04.2019 Feature Article

Why Are Certain Members Close To The President Secretly Sabotaging Him?

President Akufo-Addo
LISTEN APR 22, 2019

The most painful thing is for someone closer to you, and whom you trust to the point of putting your head on the block in attestation of their honesty and friendship, to secretly and unknowing to you, sabotage you. Nothing in the world, not even sorrowful death which is inevitable to every living human being or thing, or illness, could be as painful as the betrayal of you by your confidant.

The Ghanaian electorates voted for a change in government from NDC to NPP. This was in the hope that an honest, credible, dynamic and dedicated to duty government or president, will take over the reins of government to liberate Ghana and her citizens from the corruption, cluelessness, callousness and incompetence of the NDC government under His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. With this motive in mind, Ghanaians do not expect the repeat of the ills that culminated in voting out the NDC government from power, from the NPP government presided over by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

However, as honest as the president is in executing his duties in the best interests of Ghanaians, assiduously being of service to his people and country, we often hear of some of his appointees allegedly involving themselves in various acts of corruption. I, Rockson Adofo, will not sit on the fence accepting any acts of perpetration of corruption that has the potency to undermine the president from whomsoever.

Some people when they become lucky to be entrusted with rendering service to the people in the capacity of Ministers of Government or other such higher positions as Chief Executive Officer of a Public Corporation, etc., they decide to abuse the trust vested in them. They often think such positions bestowed on them is their golden opportunity to enrich themselves illegally instead of serving the people in all honesty. To most of such government and public appointees, to hell with that plausible idea of "good name is better than riches" They prefer riches to good name any day any time hence becoming corrupt from the very day a higher public position is conferred on them.

Do we allow these people to defeat the people’s expectation in the President to render him a charlatan? Do we sit back while these shameless corrupt officials take us for fools, thinking all our toils were to bring them to power to enrich themselves at our expense? No way! Subsequently, we should be ready not only to expose them but to ensure they are dealt with by the president by possibly relieving them of their posts and prosecuting them.

Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) is an honest man who has the welfare of Ghanaians and the nation at heart, although as loquacious as he appears and accused of. He has said that some highly placed members of the NPP government and party are in alliance with a certain man who is forcibly, but illegally taking over people’s lands, plots to be more specific, in Accra, from them. Some people might have doubted him but information someone has passed to me in attempts to seek my interventionary assistance goes to confirm what Kennedy has said.

A third person has phoned from Ghana to narrate to me how a certain man has usurped his relative’s plot in Accra. The case has gone to court with the High Court placing an injunction on both parties not to go to the land until the case is disposed of. However, the other man (usurper) has flouted the injunction and started working on the land. What is shocking is, someone higher in the NPP and closer to the seat of government, has phoned up the true owner of the land to forget about it as any pursuit to get the land by him/her will go nowhere. He spoke with authority!

Anyway, I have told whoever contacted me that until I hear from the owner him or herself with any official or evidential documents scanned to me, I shall not intercede as requested. I shall only act when I have all the credible facts and evidence in front of me. If I get them as requested, I shall act by escalating it to the relevant persons and bodies.

I hate when people use their affiliation with the president to commit reprehensible acts of corruption behind his back. I have been told the name of the person but until I have the documentary evidence, I shall not do anything about it let alone, mentioning his name. Nevertheless, let the person not deceive himself into thinking that he is privy to some secrets so he can use that to bully people to enrich himself without even the president being able to call him to order. If that is his belief, then he must be kidding himself big time.

Ghanaians expect those they elect and are appointed, to truly serve them but not to seek to use their position to rob or subjugate people.

BY Rockson Adofo

Rockson Adofo
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