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18.04.2019 Editorial

Easter: Time To Reflect, Change

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Opinion Easter: Time To Reflect, Change

Easter starts tomorrow with Good Friday. It is all about the tribulations Jesus Christ suffered during his ministry in an ephemeral world full of iniquities.

He suffered persecution but being spiritual, the ordeals he endured only added to the story but lacking in the ability to scuttle his critical mission. Scuttling such a spiritual mission by mere mortals was just impossible. The challenges he endured only standing as footnotes in the long and important story of the word that is capable of saving mankind from the wrath of God.

Even as we commemorate the sojourn and the travails of Jesus Christ, the Saviour, during his brief yet momentous assignment on earth, reflecting upon his teachings and how much we have imbibed these is worthwhile.

The commemoration of this annual activity would be meaningless unless we reflect upon our relationships with God, which translates to how much we love our fellow human beings, the environment and making the necessary positive adjustments where these are needed. Of course, mankind needs to make a lot of adjustments or changes because we continue to fall short of the glory of our Maker through countless iniquities – all of us – from our leaders to the ordinary man in the street.

How many times have we sat down to reflect upon the negative things we do which do not inure to the interest of the state – this entity being a creation of God? Many of us expect more from the state than we give to its progress. Our stewardship when positions of responsibilities are bestowed upon us leaves much to be desired. Yet we want to be tagged God-fearing personalities.

We hardly fit the description of “being our neighbours' keepers” even when this is a virtue Jesus Christ extolled during his ministry.

Our country which has endured challenging self-inflicted economic hardships when its affairs were in the hands of a crop of our compatriots is still not out of the woods. Had the fear of God and strict adherence to the teachings of Jesus Christ been the order of the stewardship of politicians and others charged with managing the affairs of the country, we would have been singing a different hymn from the one about how to reverse the status quo.

How many times have the clerics not spoken about the importance of godliness in our daily lives no matter where we find ourselves in? How many times have we not heard about some persons who associate themselves with the clergy acting in manners not commensurate with the tenets of the scriptures?

Today, the environment is going through its worst moments since its creation by God. Global warming is threatening the survivability of God's creations. The ecosystem is losing its balance, the effect of which is impacting negatively upon the ability of mankind to feed itself sufficiently.

Greed and double standards by nations which God has endowed with technological innovations are not helping the world to resolve conflicts but rather fueling them.

Mankind has been bestowed with all the various constituents of nature-flora, fauna, the environment and above all the wherewithal to manage ourselves via effective leadership – but we have failed in this direction, optimally.

The fallouts from the shortcomings are represented by a world gripped by poor governance, corruption, over-fishing, threatened forests and many others anomalies prevalent only when mankind departs from the teachings of the scriptures as taught by Jesus Christ.

Let us reflect upon the teachings of Jesus Christ the contents of which are all-encompassing and worthwhile. Therein lies the antidote for our myriads of challenges.

We wish our readers a fulfilling and blessed Easter.

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