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12.04.2019 General News

Women Welfare Group Want End Of FGM

Staff Writer
Women Welfare Group Want End Of FGM

The Ghanaian Association for Women Welfare has frown on the continuous increase in the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

A study conducted in 2018 said FGM is still being practised among some ethnic groups in the Upper East Region although it is an affront to the law.

The association says the perpetrators of the act have devised new ways to outwit law enforcement agencies.

Speaking to Citi News, the president of the Association, Gertrude Eunice Maasodong, said her outfit, in partnership with UNFPA, are vigorously advocating to ensure that FGM ends completely.

“FGM is back in another form, so we said to ourselves that, if that is the issue then we have to start all over with educating people, to let them know that. That method they are using is still mutilating the place. Our main aim is to advocate for the end of FGM,” he said.

The practice of FGM hasn't taken a new form. Instead of the cutting of the clitoris with sharp objects, hot shea butter and oil is now being used to remove the clitoris of female children, according to the association.

The hot shea butter is poured on a baby's clitoris thereby impeding the growth of the clitoris as she grows

The overall prevalence of FGM in Ghana is 4% with studies showing an overall prevalence in the Upper East Region

FGM is very popular in the Bawku Municipality and the Pusiga District of northern Ghana.