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Stick To Your Values─MTN CEO To Youth

By Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Stick To Your Values─MTN CEO To Youth
LISTEN MAR 18, 2019

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh has advised the youth to strive for a greater aspect of their lives strong values that will spur growth and success.

He said success must define one’s values in life, indicating that, a lot of times people fail to stick to their personal values.

Speaking to over 1000 youth at this year’s Springboard Global Convocation organized by Legacy and Legacy at the National Theatre in Accra under the theme, “The Digital Evolution,” Mr. Adadevoh noted that a lot of youth have thrown away their personal values whenever they are hit by the hard knocks of life.

He indicates that alot of the youth occasionally find themselves in activities that are not aligned with their personal values.

“There are no alternatives to your values either you have values you stick to or not have a value at all. Again, a lot of us have values that we don’t stick to. We need to have a no alternative value which is very important for our growth.

“You going to be faced with issues in life, you are going to be faced with challenges in life. Your values are going to be challenged and you are going to be stressed but a lot of you will thinking should I or should I not. Success without values is not success. If you really want to make it life you need to have your values define what is success. You have to believe strongly in something to define your limit.

“My values are respect, integrity, humility. Integrity was the value that gave me my job. It happens three times in my life where I walked away from becoming a millionaire because of something else and because of my values I stayed broke and today, am the happiest person in the world. You are young, energetic and corruptible but I hope you will do the right thing,” he intimated.

Mr Adadevoh admonishes the youth that, in the ripples of challenges, they must maintain what he describes as ‘our no alternative values’ that will enable them to stick to their personal values.

He urged them to brace themselves for a brighter future because nothing happens by chance.

“Nothing in life happens by chance. If you really believe in nothing happen by chance then the things you do on a daily basis all accumulates to that end results and a lot of time we talk about being at the right place at the right time. You can’t be at the right place at the right time without preparation. The more you prepare the more you define your destiny which never happens by chance,” he stated.

According to Mr. Adadevoh, there is no royal path to a successful life without true sacrifice.

“Sacrifice is a fundamental investment for entitlement. In today’s world of technology, the sense of entitlement is growing but the sense of sacrifice is fading away. Until you sacrifice enough you haven’t invested for entitlement which no longer becomes an entitlement but then a reward for your sacrifice. You just have to be ready for that moment you expect to come. What do you need to do today so that when that relevance hit you will be ready to take that advantage. Are you going to fight for an entitlement without sacrifice?” he stressed.

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Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri


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