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11.03.2019 Feature Article

Anybody But Onaapo

Anybody But Onaapo
LISTEN MAR 11, 2019

Time has come, my compatriots, to rise up and defend the motherland by ensuring Onaapo shall never lead her again. I am hereby imploring you all to join here and now the movement “anybody but Onaapo (ABO)”. If you are older, you will remember the “anybody but Kutu movement” PMFJ (People's Movement for Freedom and Justice)' that campaigned against Blaa Kutu.

In democracies, there are three main ways of electing a government. In rare instances, a government is voted in because of an incumbent's poor performance. In a lot of times, government gets voted out because even though it is doing well, the opponent is able to talk it as evil, convincingly. More often though, there is a combination of voting one in because the incumbent is not performing well. The voted in presenting saleable and electorate seen as buyable and, therefore, buying with their votes to vote out the incumbent.

In the year 2000, majority was tired of 19 years of the same thing. The challenger successfully touted things unknown. Tiredness meant voting the incumbent out and voters did exactly that. It turned out they were right because those who wanted in and came in brought a lot of goodies in NHIS, MMT, capitation grant, school feeding and free medical care for the pregnant.

By 2008, voters had become so used to goodies that they chose to believe the deceptive talk of congress. Congress badmouthed the incumbent to convince the electorate that congress would enhance the goodies and the incumbent was voted out. What they got from congress in power again was slow destruction of all the goodies bequeathed to it. As if that was not enough, congress started and institutionalized dumsɔ. By 2012, it was clear congress had nothing to offer. Incredibly, they managed to steal the election.

The election petition exposed their electronic stealing of the people's kokromoti (thumb) power to perpetrate their rule. Performance shifted from poor to sheer incompetence. Dumsɔ would be forever. Corruption was rife as of 2016. They painted everywhere congress. Voters ignored everything and voted them out. The 2012 lesson had helped in electronically immobilizing all the trickery tactics.

Congress people showed clearly from 2009 to 2016; it is a pack of choppers, a group of ampɛbrɛ borrow and spend by chopping as much as you can even if it would destroy social intervention programmes, someone has put in place. They went on killing spree: NHIS, MMT, capitation grant, NYEP, free bus ride for schoolchildren, withdrawing government funding of schools for children with disabilities.

They pleaded trial and error before. We tried them from 2009 to 2016, my compatriots. It turned out to be proven error after trial. Onaapo is tried and all error. After all the chopping, the man says he didn't chop enough. Really? With unbelievable lack of judgment (characteristic of congress), ignoring everyone else but themselves, they have chosen Onaapo. For the sake of the motherland, though, no more hoodwinking. Onaapo needs an even more emphatic message of rejection than one million plus votes if he actually ends up with his name and symbol unconstitutionally appearing on the ballot as a candidate.

Year bracket 2009-2016 was marked by a plethoric combination of incompetence, inefficiency, greed, avarice. Yet congress people say by 95% vote of doom (as in 2015) that they never heard the rot, never saw the rot or don't know what rot is. If they don't know what rot is, the motherland would be doomed in their hands. They learned nothing because they cared nothing about anyone but themselves. Show them with the Frankenstein monster they have made, they will live with it in more years in opposition

'Congress evil talk engine' is revving for 2020 smear campaign in a grand plan to heap insults on individuals and denigrate 'hostile' institutions. They see dislodging the incumbent through evil talk; no plan, no programmes to repair their credibility gap they firmed up with their non-performance in office. In 2016, they packaged their non-performance as Onaapo. How strange they believe same package will sell in 2020. My plea, my compatriots, is, don't be deceived by their evil Onaapo incompetence, please make yourself available to movement ABO.

Our ABO campaign urges ɔsonomma appointees, as frontline defenders, to scrupulously keep faith with value for money. They should love money less and the motherland more.

'Nothing can stop our march to Flagstaff House in 2020' – Mahama' (Sunday February 24, 2019) headline. That can't be on, and won't be on. It's a march to nowhere just like they were taking the motherland to nowhere. They will never be able to take her anywhere with their crass governance incompetence. An Onaapo win is a hoax because it doesn't exist; if it used to, it doesn't any longer.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

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