Armed Robbers Terrorize Passengers On Sawla-Damongo Road

By Zion Abdul Rauf || Nkiligi FM Bole
Crime & Punishment Armed Robbers Terrorize Passengers On Sawla-Damongo Road
FEB 25, 2019 LISTEN

Reports indicate that a masked gang of armed robbers have invaded the Sawla-Damongo road of the Savanna region and have been unleashing terror on passengers.

Two of such incidents happened on Sunday yesterday when they ambushed and robbed passengers onboard a Bole bus on its way to Tamale.

The first operation was recorded in the early hours of Sunday while the second occurred later in the evening.

After the incident, a victim of the first robbery incident onboard the Bole bus called Takora explained that on their way in between Nasoyiri, a farming community in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district and Grupe in the West Gonja District, passengers onboard the bus suddenly saw a young man with a gun in the middle of the road stopping the bus.

Another man wielding a gun appeared from nowhere and ordered the driver to stop.

For fear of the bus being shot the driver complied and immediately on both sides of the car stood armed men with two of them climbing the car.

According to the eyewitness and victim, the driver was directed to drive into a gravel pit which was about three hundred meters away from the main road.

All passengers on board were ordered to drop from the car at gunpoint. They robbed them of their belongings including mobile phones, monies among other valuables.

Another victim, Mr Asumah Kadiri popularly called Alhaji who is an aide to the MP for Bole-Bamboi constituency who had his phone taken away from him also narrated to Nkilgi FM that the armed men numbering more than seven did the operation for more than an hour. He said two of the armed men who were fully masked spoke in the Wali dialect with the rest who were unmasked speaking in the Fulani language with all of them wielding guns.

One of the victims in the bus managed to call the husband who also called into the studios of Bole based Nkilgi FM to alert the public.

The Damongo police rushed to the scene upon the radio announcement but after hearing the siren, the robbers fled into the bush.