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Jan 22, 2019 | General News

This alleged 'mad man' torched 5 vehicles at mechanic shop

By Modern Ghana
The suspected mentally deranged Ofori and the five vehicles he burnt.
The suspected mentally deranged Ofori and the five vehicles he burnt.

A man suspected to be suffering from a mental ailment caused an upset today (Tuesday) when he torched a vehicle into ashes at a mechanic shop at the Pokuase ACP Estate junction in the Ga North Municipality of Accra.

Four other vehicles at the shop had various parts damaged by the fire, which the suspected mental case identified only as Ofori, was said to have started at dawn.

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Ofori reportedly started the fire around 3am.

The timely arrival of fire personnel from Amasaman saved the other vehicles as well as nearby property belonging to the Electricity Company of Ghana from being burnt totally.

Eyewitnesses say Ofori, who has been lurking within the vicinity, was spotted attempting to open an Opel Agila taxi cab brought to the shop Monday evening for repairs.


He then reportedly lit a match in the car and when it caught fire, he stood at a distance to watch the vehicle burn completely while the fire was extending to the other cars. A passerby alerted neigbours in a nearby house who called the fire personnel to quench the fire.

At the time the fire was brought under control, four other vehicles parked at the shop had also been affected leaving some of them with damaged headlights, tail lights and bumpers.

Workers at the shop who were outraged by the conduct of the man, attempted to find out from him why committed the act but he was adamant.

Fire personnel have launched further probe into the incident in order to calculate the damages caused.

See more photos below:

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