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06.12.2018 Poem

She Is The One-A Tale Of The Virtuous Woman Of Power

By Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭
Photo Credit: Richel Asantewaa.
LISTEN DEC 6, 2018
Photo Credit: Richel Asantewaa.

When the clouds gathered, eyes chased the supremacy of a queen. Soothing voice of the queen put the world into shape"

Life and love, the two twins that kept drawing a redline between happiness and joy, amusement and amazement. The narrative of the queen who played a harp"

When life kiss love, what's the product? No! When you have life, love become secondary but she was enough for a prince. Her presence gave the prince reverence".

When she smiles, she smiles to the world. Her world is immune against anxiety. Just like the royal diadem presides over it royalty. Her priorities are buried in her taste and preference".

She's made of cake, a cake which is iced, that icing doesn't make me sick. Her icing is coated with love, pure happiness. She makes life look easier and simple. A lady who takes a day at a time, a queen full of wisdom".

Judging her worth on the basis of sincerity.

She draws her circle to engulf certainties. Her path is oiled with integrity and her heart shaped to fit the superiority of a diamond staff". She is a silver lining, her name breeds freedom".






Photo Credit: Richel Asantewaa.

Authored by: Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭

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