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Opinion | Nov 20, 2018

NDC Must Elect A Voltarian Flagbearer To Appease Ewes And The Region

Quarshie Egyer Joseph 
The Author
The Author

DOES TRUST BEGETS TRUST? This rhetorical question got me thinking as I chronicle down the recent happenings within the largest opposition political party in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress. It is increasingly becoming more evident that, the region, affectionately called the 'World Bank' of the party is been relegated to the background with impunity.

This is the region mainly made of the Ewes with other minority tribes. It is mind boggling to comprehend that, the very people that hold at heart the opposition NDC have been denied all the sensitive executive positions they contested for, at the just ended 9th annual delegates conference of the party. It is very evident without any modicum of doubt that, it is a deliberate attempt to take the party far away from the people of the Volta region, especially when little or no respect is given to the Founder's advice, a member of the Volta region.

You do not venture crossing the flame when your pant is made of crude cotton. The very party that stabs the governing NPP in the back for not electing Northerners to sensitive positions in its affairs, even when it is a palpable lie, is today voting against the very people carrying the party at heart for the past twenty seven years, doing everything possible to take them out completely from the hierarchy of the party. This is exactly so, for them to take decisions against the Volta region people, because it was clear they rejected the corrupt Mahama led administration and vouched never to vote for him to lead the party again. Voltarians are not thieves and will never condone any form of criminality and corrupt acts hence the reason behind Mahama's neglect.

It's high time the people of the region, the Ewes, stood and demand for a well known member to be given the mandate to lead the party credibly as flagbearer if the party wants to regain the trust of the Volta people.

It is not surprising when the former first National Vice Chair of the National Democratic Congress, Mrs. Anita De-Seso, lamented bitterly that there is no Voltarian in the game and further urged the party to subject the outcome to deep thinking, during the election of the party executives. The longing loyalty, trust, commitment and the dedication of the Voltarians to the party has not been rewarded and appreciated. Nothing to show for.

It is a dent on the credentials and an indictment on the integrity of the Ewes as though they are not competent enough to mann any sensitive position in a party greatly known to belong to them.

Out of the Twenty Six Members of Parliament representing the Volta Region, Twenty Five of them are there on behalf of the opposition NDC. What a commitment! But what do they get in return? It is even more visible now, since the party largely no longer respect, regard and recognise the enormous contributions and sacrifices made by H.E J.J. Rawlings, blood founder of the party, to the extent the General Secretary elect, Aseidu Nketia, describes him as a 'Toothless Dog', Now J. J Rawlings is a "Dog". That is the reward the Voltarians are getting for their loyalty to the party.

It is nearing another election to elect the flagbearer of the party. This is the last chance the Voltarians should test their party's faith in the people they are presenting. And this is also an opportunity for the party footsoldiers and delegates to reward the loyalty by allowing one of their own to lead the party to the election 2020. We are watching closely, to finally decide whether to continue with the party or also advice ourselves.

Voltarians do not deserve a Running Mate, reward our commitment and loyalty with a Flagbearer.

The disrespect and the insults are enough, give us the chance for our own in 2020 or get a different region to be your 'WorldBank'.

Written by :-
Quarshie Egyer Joseph
0245607479 / 0269560070

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