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November 5, 2018 | News General News

Let Politicians Take Back-Seat--Bobie Ansah Implores Journalists

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Let Politicians Take Back-Seat--Bobie Ansah Implores Journalists

Seasoned radio broadcaster, Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah has started an advocacy to restore electronic broadcasting to its glory days.

Rather than inviting politicians as sit-in panel members on radio discussions, the host of "The Citizen" on Accra-based Accra FM, is admonish his colleagues to allow ordinary citizens to walk into studios of radio stations to be able to voice out their concerns, as that is the only way the temperature of he country could be measured.

"We need new diamentions in our media. The order where we give politicians 3-4 hours on radio and TV programs to brainwash the people and give the people 10minutes to praise their future tormentors must be over a d done with," he wrote on his Facebook walk yesterday.

According to the former host of 'Ekosii Sen' on Asempa FM, when politicians are relegated to the background and only called in when issues affected them, they would not have the luxury to be skewing every discuss that affected the ordinary citizen to their political advantage.

He said the era where politicians were allowed to speak on every issue-from Achealogy to Zoology- must be relooked at so that the populace and experts whom issues like government affected most could be the ultimate beneficiaries.

He said allowing politicians who may not be experts on particular topics to take centre-stage during such discussions only robs the people of discent varieties to make informed choices from.

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