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General News Leadership Not One Man Business - Bagbin
SEP 24, 2018 LISTEN

One of the leading flagbearer aspirants of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed that having being in multi-party democracy for twenty-six years now has helped manage himself on how to be democratic, and how to work with everybody coupled with encouraging talents to explore.

Speaking on Energy FM, a radio station based in Prestea in the Western Region, the current Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, maintained that leadership in politics is not a one man business but rather team work.

"When you get into leadership position as president, the first thing you need to be able to assess is the quality of the leader, the team he selects, you must be able to get a good mix of all shades of opinions in your government. So you take the gender card, you take the issue of generation, the youth must be there", he added

According to the Nadowli/kaleo law maker, the youth are the vision, the youth are vital, the youth are the energy and the passion and there are the youth who deliver.

In his view, every leader ought to have a critical number of the youth, the experienced ones, the aged because the aged would do a lot of wise counselling to be able to get the youth to put their energy to play to deliver to the people.

"We need to get the women on board, a good number as you know can always temper with love and care and that is how God has created them. With love and care, you need to have that team there. But most importantly, the leader himself should be experienced after learning the lessons. He should be able to give direction by taking firm decisions in getting your vision through.

He said, leadership is about looking far, not just looking near and he believes that so far Ghana and Africa at large has suffered poor leadership over the years.

Kwesi Coomson
Kwesi Coomson

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