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Opinion | Aug 16, 2018

The Power Of Your Associations

The Power Of Your Associations

You are a product of the people you constantly associate yourself with. - Tendai Mungate

Did you know that the way you talk, behave, interact and even pursue your vision, dreams or goals is determined by the people you are surround yourself with? Your associations are either building, destroying you or keeping you at the same stage you were before.

There is a saying that says that, "You are a product of the five people you spend most of your time with". Most of us have also heard this, "BAD COMPANY CORRUPTS GOOD MORALS." This is why if you hang out with five lazy people you will become the sixth one, if you hang out with 5 mediocre individuals you will become the next mediocre person, spend most of your time with 5 intelligent people you become the next.

Your associations have a great effect on the way you perform in life. This is why you need to be constantly assessing the people around you and why you have them around you because you might just be holding on to people who might be pulling you down and stopping you from being the best you can be.

Things to know about your Associations

  1. Surround yourself with people on the same course or pursuing the same goal as you are.

Beds of the same feathers flock together._ For those in school these can be your classmates, those in business it might be a friend also in business or competitor. This might be a fellow speaker, musician or artist. You will always need someone to grow with.

  1. Surround yourself with people who are a level above you.

You always need people to learn from, ask advice and have as role models. People who you consult when the ones on the same course cannot answer you. These might be established people in an industry or field you desire to be in.

  1. Surround yourself with people that grow you

Growth is a requirement in life. If you are not growing then you are either stuck at one point or moving backwards. Surround yourself with people who grow you in terms of knowledge, skills and tools you need to succeed.

  1. Your associations determine your elevation.

Your associations determine how high you will go up in life. The contacts you have in your phone, the people you call your networks, even your friends should be people that help go up the ladder of success not bring you down whenever a great opportunity presents its self to you.

Your surroundings do really matter. Your associations help you see further or see nothing. A wise man once said, "If l have seen further than anyone it is because l was standing on the giants" If you are not making progress in your life look at some of the people you surround yourself with. Are they build you in anyway or they are all negative and telling you, you cannot make it, telling you are a failure then you got to make changes. The successful people we admire today have mastered this principle of association. This is why you here most success stories begin when one had to leave a certain community, one had to live a certain town, had to leave their friends and family, had to leave the company they were working for. It was because their associations at that moment in time were a hindrance to their desired results.

IF YOU DO NOT MAKE THE DECISION TO CHANGE LIFE WILL NEVER CHANGE BECAUSE LIFE WILL ONLY CHANGE THE DAY YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE. If your associations are not building you look for new associates that build you, if you are the smartest in your group, look for another group of smarter people and learn from them.

Unleashing Your Potential Within
Tendai Mungate
Tendai Mungate (20) Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Vision Escalators Group is currently studying at the Midlands State University is a Inspirational, Motivational, Transformational Speaker, Philanthropist, Leader-prenuer, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, Strategist and Team Building Workshop Facilitator, Drummer and Writer. His life purpose and passion is in Inspiring and Unleashing the Hidden Potential Within individuals and to Achieve Greatness. Tendai Can be contacted via Social media facebook and twitter @tendaimungate [email protected] and tendaimungateinspirations, phone and whatsapp +263784948274 email:[email protected]

Tendai Mungate
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