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Eliminate Procrastination

Eliminate Procrastination
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Action is what brings dreams to reality. Procrastination, excuses and laziness are serious diseases that if tolerated in one's life will keep your dreams just merely dreams. Below is a story titled When I become a big boy. Talks of a young boy who embraced procrastination as his life living strategy.

As he was growing up he would say when l become a big boy, l will do this and this and l will be happy. And when he became a big boy he says, when l finish college and do this and this and l will be happy. And when he finishes college he says when l get my first job and do this and this l will be happy. And when he gets his first job he says when l get married and do this and this and then l will be happy. And when he gets married he says when the kids get out of school and do this and this l will be happy. And when the kids get out of school, he says when l retire and do this and this, l will be happy. And when he retires what does he see? He sees life has just gone by in front of his eyes.

*Do you want to be like the man in the story. Living your life only to realize at the end of the day you did not live at all you were just a statistic living your plans for the future.* Questions to reflect on what have you been forgoing to do in 2019? Is procrastinating bring you close to your dreams?

*If you desire to achieve your goals for the year 2020 going forward eliminate procrastination in your action course. One thing about procrastination is that it fatigues you more than the effort it takes to do it.*

*A writer once wrote, " If you want to build and maintain a positive attitude, get into the habit of living in the present and doing it now." There are much joy and fulfilment in completing a task.*

*Tips to eliminate the habit of procrastination*

  1. Have a do it now mentality* - There is no best time than doing it now.
  2. Break it down* - the reason why we procrastinate at times is because of some goals or tasks seem too big. It is good to break them down into small daily tasks that you can achieve. Do not overload yourself.
  3. Have a strong reason why you need to do it* - Remember the reason why you should do it. *Your reason for doing it should be enough motivation to get you into action.* If your why keeps you in bed it's not convincing enough. Have a convincing why
  4. Eliminate Excuses* - If you truly want to do something you will make a plan. If you do not want to do it you will make an excuse. What are you making? Plans or excuses?
  5. Be real with yourself* - Stop living in fantasy land. Be real with yourself. Remember no one is really coming to do it for you. If you do not do it no one will. If you do not plan no one will come plan for you. If you do not do what you have planned to do am sorry to say this you are shooting yourself in the foot. Stop crucifying yourself. You have no one to blame.

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