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What are you using your mouth for?

What are you using your mouth for?
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What we constantly tell ourselves shapes and determines who we become.

Your mouth is your most powerful tool and how you use it matters. Your mouth shapes what you think, what you believe and, in the end, it also inspires the actions you take.

Look at your life right now, are you happy? Are you pleased by the life you are living? If not try looking at how you have been using your mouth. Your mouth is your greatest success activator how you use it determines how much success you will attain. Your success is directly related to the words you are constantly using.

Oprah Winfrey was told she was a bad reporter. Thomas Edison was told he was a failure but it is how they used their mouths that changed who they became. You cannot expect to build a positive life if you are constantly using your mouth to speak negative into your life.

Here are 5 ways in which you can use your mouth to build the life you desire:

Use your mouth to add value to others.
Your mouth can either add value to other or they can either destroy the next person.

Your mouth can either inspire someone or demotivate someone. Your mouth can either lift someone us or pull them down the choice is entirely up to you.

Use your mouth to speak good into someone’s life. Telling someone they are a failure, they cannot make it, they are foolish or stupid might sound good in the moment of saying it but those words might affect someone for the rest of their lives.

How you use your mouth determines the type of people that will associate themselves with you. No one wants to associate themselves with someone who is constantly speaking negative about them. Speak positive, speak into someone’s future tell them its possible, they can do it, they can make it.

Use your mouth to shape and create your world.

Our words shape our worlds – Milton Kamwendo

Our world revolves around the words we are constantly using. You cannot desire a good and better world when you are constantly speaking negatively about your world. You create the future you desire by the way you are using your mouth. Do not desire growth when you are using your words to destroy your world. Use your mouth to create the world you desire.

The success you desire in the year is created by your words, the money you desire is created by your words, the lifestyle you desire is created by your worlds, the type of person you desire to be is created by the words you constantly speak. How are you using your words?

If you are not happy with your world, evaluate your words. Your words might be pushing you away from the life you are desiring to create.

Use your mouth to speak into situations and change those situations.

The way you use your mouth in a situation determines how you will remain a victim of the situation or how you will become a victor of the situation.

The words you say in times of adversity and turbulence determine the type of person you will be after the turbulence is over. Your words have power to change a negative situation into a positive situation. Victimized wording cultivates the victim mentality, Victory orientates words cultivate and attract victory.

Dr Martin Luther King made a speech and, in this speech, he said, “I have a dream were one day a man would be judged not on the basis of the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” At the time he said these words it looked as if this was never going to happen but he was using his words to speak into a situation and today it seems his words are bearing fruit.

Use your mouth to change your life.
If you do not put in the necessary work to change your life, your life never changes unless you do.

Your words have power to change your life for the better. How you are using your mouth will determine the type of change you will see in your life. To change your life, change your words. Never expect to build a positive and successful life when you are constantly speaking negatively about anyone and everything. Change how you are using your words.

Change the negative affirmations to positive affirmations, Change the negative confessions in to positive confessions, change the victimized words into victory orientated words. Death and life are the power of your words. It is what you constantly say about yourself that shapes who you become.

Use your mouth to sow positive seeds in to the next generation.

Never expect to build a positive life by constantly sowing negative seeds.

The way you are using your mouth today is shaping the next generation, it’s shaping the next fifty years of your clan and family name, it’s shaping the legacy that the next generation will inherit from your generation, how are you using your mouth?

Choose to use your mouth to speak blessings, wealth, health, abundance, riches, success and victory into the next generation.

The words we constantly say about the future shape our futures.

Never expect to build a positive future for the next generation by sowing negative seeds of negative words. Your words have power to change the future of your children’s children.

Words are like seeds. The moment you repeatedly say something you are watering the seed you have sown and eventually you will reap from the seeds you have sown. Never desire positivity when you have sown negativity, never desire good when you have sown bad. If you desire a better future for the next generation start building it now. Never expect to reap an avocado fruit when you sowed a lemon fruit.

The best time to start sowing positive seeds for the next generation is now. If you desired to eat an avocado tree now the best time to have planted was ten years ago, but if you want it in the future the best time to plant the tree is now.

Written By Tendai Mungate an Award-Winning Youth, Life and Leadership Coach, Transformational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Writer from Zimbabwe. He is the Founder and Co- Host of the Personal Development Show and Platform Success Talks with Coach T Mungate and Chief Operating Officer of the Vision Escalators Group. Tendai’s passion and purpose is to unleash the hidden potential to achieve success within individuals, leaders and organizations. He can be reached and booked at +263784948274 or [email protected]

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