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17.09.2005 Disaster

Another "Prophet" warns of doom and disaster

By Chronicle
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- Calls for Office of Prophets Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah, the General Overseer of the Royalhouse Chapel International, has predicted doom and disaster for the nation if steps were not taken to seek the face of the living God.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra yesterday, Rev. Korankye-Ankrah attributed the recent spate of road accidents to the manipulations of satanic forces and called on politicians in the country to desist from politicizing issues that affect the nation.

“Political divide should not be used to derail the progress of the nation,” he said.

According to Rev. Korankye-Ankrah, the authorities in the country cannot escape total blame for the recent fatal accidents on our roads because they are responsible for enforcing road regulations.

He noted that for lack of political will, there are all sorts of vehicles, which should have been banned from the roads, passing roadworthy tests and to create problems for other unsuspecting road users.

He said politicians are afraid to take stringent measures on the issues affecting the nation because they may be blamed.

“We have problems on our hands in the country; the bloodshed on our roads is not just by accident, for apart from the physical reasons such as the use of mobile phone while driving, bad service and the lack of maintenance culture, there is a spiritual factor that cannot be overlooked,” he said.

He called for national fasting and prayers among believers in the country to loosen the nation from the manacles of satanic forces.

According to Rev. Korankye Ankrah, it is time for the leadership of the country to establish an Office of National Prophets within the government to always intervene for the nation.

He said such an office, when established, should have blameless or God-fearing priests who would always intercede for the nation in times of crisis.

Rev. Korankye-Ankrah predicted tough times ahead for the country if believers do not put their acts together to fast and pray for Ghana.

“We need to declare a national prayer and fasting day because the worse times are ahead of us. We have a few months before December, which is noted for accidents and difficulties. We need to take immediate steps to arrest the doom, which is looming over the country,” the Royal House Overseer told the press.

“Apart from the problems we are facing this year, 2006 is going to be a very difficult year financially, economically and socially, but in the face of all these there is a way out if the nation would recognize that there is a great God and seek His face with sincerity,” he entreated.

Sounding prophetic, Rev. Korankye-Ankrah said since Christians wrestle not against flesh and blood but the forces of darkness, his church was taking the lead to organize prayer and fasting for the Saints.

The programme, he said, would start from September 25 and run till October 2, which he said would bring believers from different denominations to seek the face of the Lord.

He also announced that plans were far advanced for the church to organize a 14-day Prayer and fasting in January 2006.