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Is Rawlings The Father of Late Suzzy Williams?

14.09.2005 LISTEN
By Chronicle

Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings has denied claims doing the rounds in town that he is the biological father of the late 23-year old top actress, Suzzy Williams. Suzzy met her untimely death in a fatal accident at La, a suburb of Accra in the Greater Accra Region last Thursday. Since then, it has been said in some social circles that the ex-president was the father of the late actress.

The special assistant to Rawlings, Mr. Victor Smith told the Chronicle that ex-president Rawlings had no relations with the deceased or her mother, when contacted Monday evening.

"What do you mean? What is happening in the country? I know the ex-president has nothing to do with the Williams family," he emphasised.

When Mr. Smith was asked whether the ex-president has nothing to do with the Williams family," he emphasised.

When Mr. Smith was asked whether the ex-president sent a delegation, including his siblings, to go and console Mrs. Williams, he asked the Chronicle to give him time cross-check the information with his boss. About three hours later, he called back to say that the ex-president did not send any of his siblings to convey his condolence to Suzzy's family.

However, a family source maintained that this Sunday, the former President sent a delegation, led by his siblings, to console the mother of Suzzy.

Narrating the saga, the family source told The Chronicle that Suzzy's mother, Mrs. Cecilia Williams, gave birth to Suzzy at the time she was a student at Achimota Secondary School, but President Rawlings, who was supposed to be the father, refused to cater for her. As a result, little Suzzy was sent to the grandmother to look after her till she joined her mother in her matrimonial home with her new husband, Mr. Andrew Sackey Williams.

Chronicle gathered that when Suzzy was enrolled at the Tema Secondary School, the mother of President Rawlings, Madam Victoria Agbotui made attempts to convince Mrs. Williams to hand over Suzzy to her, but she refused. Mrs. Williams when contacted told The Chronicle that Mr. Williams was the father of Suzzy since he was the one who had catered for the departed child. In this world, the one who caters for a child is the one called a father. I would not comment on this further." These were the words of Mrs. Williams.

However, the Managing Director of Chan-Chan Cocoa Butter, Mr. Kwasi Boadu, alias KB, insisted that it was Mrs. Williams who was harassing him with the claim that ex-President Rawlings was the father of Suzzy.

According to KB, when he challenged Mrs. William that President Rawlings' name was irrelevant in the matter, Mrs. Williams then spilled the beans by telling him the circumstances under which President Rawlings impregnated her, adding that Suzzy's resemblance to President Rawlings was even a clear evidence that she was the daughter of the former President.

About the girl's death, KB said he felt disappointed with the statement Mrs. Williams had been making about him, that he was responsible for the death of Suzzy, because it was my money that she used to purchase the Mitsubishi car that was involved in the accident, leading to her death, but what she has forgotten is that I did not give the money to her to buy a car," he said. He said Suzzy had made him believe that she wanted to purchase a shop to sell creams at Dansoman, Accra and that since she had been advertising the Chan-Chan cream, KB should give her advance payment of 3,000,000 CFA. According to KB, she gave her the money because of her prowess in acting, which had built a strong friendship between them to the extent that he had named a yet-to-be launched product Suzzy.

"I had known she was lying to me, but I wasn't bothered because her producer, Mr. Socrates Safo, had had assured me that she would advertise for me. If I have given her money and she has used it to purchase a car, why do I get blamed for her death? She is not the only one I have worked with, I have worked with Koo Fori and Dada Boat," he intimated.

Suzzy, he said, was supposed to go for the money at his shop, together with her producer, Mr. Safo, but she went alone and took it without even giving the producer's percentage to him.

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