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May 18, 2018 | General News

2 Dead, 1 Injured After Clashes Between Police, Youth At Tumu

By MyJoyOnline
2 Dead, 1 Injured After Clashes Between Police, Youth At Tumu

In a case of organized chaos in Tumu, two people have been reported dead and another injured after the police opened fire on some agitated youth, Friday.

The angry youth stormed the Tumu police station, lock up police officers and attempted to burn the station, local reporters say.

The youth were protesting the death of a man who drowned in a dam after being chased by the police.

The deceased, Kanwei Hanidu, 21, was one of several others escaping arrest yesterday after the police mounted a swoop on suspected 'wee' smokers.

The suspects run into the Tumu dam but Hanidu failed to make it. His body was retrieved Friday morning and the youth are accusing the police of highhandedness leading to the death of the young man.

In anger, they marched to the Tumu police station, vandalized equipment, including two police vehicles, Joy News has learnt.

An eyewitness Braimah Mahmud told the police on seeing the wrath of the youth run indoors and opened fire.

As a result, two people were hit one seriously. The two have been rushed to the Tumu Hospital.

David Luri of Radford FM, a local radio station said the second victim has also died, compounding the tension in the town.

The other who was hit in the eye by a stray bullet is on admission at the Tumu government hospital.

The reporter told Myjoyonline the tension is palpable as the townsfolk have insisted they will not allow the police anywhere near the bodies of the deceased. The police want to take the bodies for autopsy by the angry residents will have none of it.

Traditional authorities have used the local station to appeal for calm.

Meanwhile, the police will not comment on the matter, at least for now.

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