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01.09.2005 General News

Fear Grips Kumasi Residents

By Chronicle
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NEWS ABOUT mobile phone snatching, acts of thuggery and armed robbery have put residents in the Ashanti regional capital under sickening fear and perplexity.

This follows series of attacks being perpetuated by some unscrupulous elements in the metropolis against innocent citizens

This state of affairs has painted a life-threatening situation, which is hanging over the heads of the city dwellers like a fog, leaving several people wondering about their safety since confidence is partially lost in those responsible for the security of Kumasi.

In an interview with The Chronicle in Kumasi, a cross section of the residents expressed worry about their safety and accused the police of doing little to track down these societal deviants who attack citizens even in broad-day light and rob them of their personal belongings, in particular, mobile phones and the like.

"This is a terrifying set of circumstances for those of us here," Mr. Joseph Aidoo of the Chirapatere Estate, stated that when he cited the cold blood massacre at Boadi, a suburb of Kumasi, in recent times as one of the experiences of the city dwellers.

Another resident continued, "I always feel frightened because of an experienced I had when I boarded a taxi cab from town to Kenyase."

The Chronicle can report that the Kumasi sports stadium area, Alabaa, Dichemso, Ayigya and several places have been zoned out or designated as mobile phone-snatching prone areas where anyone who walks or passes by at 7:00 p.m. would not go scot-free.

Mention can also be made to the terrifying incidence at the Manhyia- Ash Town area a couple of months ago when a group of people went on rampage and wreaked havoc on lives and property.

The Minister of Defence, Dr. Kwame Addo-Kufuor, whose constituency experienced the shocking act of these notorious gangsters, came down from Accra and promised to neutralize or better still, end the terrorist activities in Kumasi.

However, after this promise, residents have witnessed countless incidences of its like in the name of armed robberies perpetrated by particular ethnic names, depicting where they were coming from.

The latest incident at Boadi in which Mr. Asante was killed in the heat of a robbery, brought the Minister again to Kumasi with another promise and suggestions to the residents.

He is reported to have asked the residents to support the army officers in Kumasi in every way they could to enable them deal with the criminals.