04.04.2018 Feature Article

John Mahama Has Disgraced Ghana And Integrity

Former President Mahama
LISTEN APR 4, 2018
Former President Mahama

Sierra Leoneans are not dumb, they might be poor but certainly not stupid. They can not be wrong with this accusation. Former President of Ghana, H.E John Mahama certainly might have done it, maybe infact, he did it.

This is not the first, H.E Mahama had been accused of a similar in the December, 2012 general elections of Ghana when he was the President and also as the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the contest, he was again accused of same in Kenya during their August, 2017 general elections of which both led to Election Petitions in the Supreme Courts of the respective countries.

H.E John Mahama has currently been accused by a large section of the citizens of Sierra Leone of his attempt to rig the Presidential elections in favour of a party he is alleged to be aligned to during their March 2018 general election when H.E Mahama was assigned there as the Chair of the Commonwealth Observers Group.

It is sad anyone could think or even attempt or push for a rig of an election in Sierra Leone especially considering how known Sierra Leone is porous when it comes to issues of civil war. Highly inhumane!

I have read a long statement issued by the former president of Ghana, H.E John Mahama in his bid and grand scheme to clear himself of all the allegation leveled against him by the people of Sierra Leone, but it should never be believed due to the Former President's craftiness and perfection in disentangling himself with such cleverly woven statements anytime he gets himself trapped in such situations; with the Burkinabe Contractor-Presidential Ford Bribe issue(Ghana) as a good example, in addition to many other examples roaming out there.

H.E John Mahama has not only disgraced himself, but he has also disgraced the NDC party he wants to lead, has led and also a member of, the black race, the African continent and specifically the entire citizens of Ghana living in and out of Ghana who are notably known for their truthfulness, marvelous integrity and credibility.

H.E Mahama is and has been a big disgrace, and the world should never forget it as he has always assume Ghanaians to do easily, but rather the world should carefully monitor his activities in order to avoid any might be future similar agenda of his.

In order to calm down nerves especially among the people of Sierra Leone, to help avoid of any might be occurrence of civil unrest or revolt in Sierra Leone and also for the sake of clarity, I will plead with all the institutions across the world and also institutions in charge of this under the UN, AU, Commonwealth and other bodies to carefully investigate this issue so that sanctions can be placed at their right resting places.

Thank you
Hhmm, may God be praised always
Nana Kwadwo Akwaa
(NPP Activist, Kwadaso Constituency, Political Pundit)

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Member, Critical Thinkers International

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