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28.03.2018 Feature Article

A Caution To Man: There Are Consequences In Rejecting Salvation

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It is my life; I can chose to live it anyhow, after all death is the end of all human race! Man has only 613,200 hours to live on earth, if life is that short let me just go to the club, drink the beers and smoke off the pressure after all it’s my life! I was pissed by certain attitudes of Christian for that matter I have left the church to their Jesus. After all Mahatma Ghandi said I believe in Jesus Christ but I don’t like his followers because they don’t live like him! I was sick and bedridden and those church people did not visit me, for that matter I have left the church and their Jesus thing to them, going back to the street. I was following a Christian lady and the way she disappointed me, I have just decided to allow this Jesus guy to rest- I won’t receive him as my Lord and Personal saviour and he doesn’t need me either. Let me go solo, ‘’obia din ni lane mu’’. In order words everyone should carve his own path. I was born in this religion or tradition why should I switch when life is good here?

Well. I am sorry if any of us have ever fallen victim to the above plethora of excuses. But hear me please: no reason is reasonable enough to reject salvation. Atheist, as reasonable as your reasons may sound to your ears you didn’t fall down from a tree- God created you too. Artists, as secular as your songs may sound that’s not reasonable enough to say I can’t go to church. My career won’t permit me to proclaim Jesus as Lord, hmm listen to please: you are a human being and the bible said let everything that has breadth praise the Lord, that’s why the cock crows and the parrot sings. So no matter the lane of profession we found ourselves in it is abysmal to even think we can’t praise God. That’s why prostitution and any sexually perverse act is an abomination because that’s an exact misrepresentation of God. It doesn’t glorify God. Anyone who reject the gospel of salvation will have serious sever consequences. Why? The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is an indication that God want to make things right with man again. So to reject Jesus Christ is to reject God. To reject Jesus is to mortgage our placement in eternity.

That’s why we have fleets of cars parked at our backyard, we have packed all the franklins in the wallets and left some in the garages, we have slept with all the ladies in the neighbourhood, we have drunk all the beers in the pub, we have our names written in all the hotels, as responsible as we look even our matrimonial homes have become a mockery to the enemy, we have our signature on every cigarette box, all the pub in the country knows us just by our footsteps, we have all the desires of our eyes, our flesh and our pride fulfilled yet we still feel emptiness in the very depth of our soul! Mama, please put the phone down, don’t call the psychologist, it is Jesus we need not another neurologist. Bro, drop the beer bottle it can’t take away the insomnia. Sweetheart, drop the cigarette it doesn’t solve the nightmare. Let’s do away with the bad company they can’t give us comfort. What we really need is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I introduce us to JESUS CHRIST, the emblem of salvation, the redeemer and the CEO of the world. Believing in Him and confessing him as our Lord and Personal saviour guarantees us son-ship in the kingdom. We can make this confession whiles reading this in the pub, at the ghettos, in our hotel rooms, on the stripping pole, at home. Location is immaterial to whoever is ready to accept JESUS CHRIST as his/her Lord and Personal saviour and afterwards find a church where they don’t compromise the word of God with the doctrines of men for your spiritual nourishment.

I end with a quote from John Chapter Three verses Thirty- Six "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."

R. Duafah ([email protected])

Richmond Duafah
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