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March 3, 2018 | Opinions Feature Article

NDC to Destabilise the country - Rawlings raises the Red Flag?

NDC to Destabilise the country - Rawlings raises the Red Flag?

An NDC MP facelessly declared war on the Nana Akufo-Addo government, swearing that he would make sure that Ghana became ungovernable under the NPP, almost immediately the President was sworn in. The plot began when NDC MPs in parliament went to extremes, forging documents and lies to tag the government with corruption, hoping that it would stick on. They insinuated in many of their rants that the country was insecure. One NDC criminal confessed on air that he would support a military uprising if Nana Akufo-Addo became President.

In 2017, Okudzeto Ablakwa shouted that there was an ISIS attack at the Accra Mall. His sharp teeth nearly jolted out of his mouth for the loudness of his daring lie. The NDC have fine-tuned their offensive strategies to help mitigate the success story that NPP’s Akufo-Addo government has thus far turned out to be. But, we in the NPP are not serious enough to convict the “Honourable traitors” for their audaciously treasonable offenses. Those unnationalistic freaks won’t mind cooperating with international thugs and criminals to achieve the destabilisation of Ghana. Lately, the involvement of foreigners from neighbouring ECOWAS nations in armed robberies speaks to this issue.

Asiedu Nketia, in his idiocy, almost admitted that the NDC was behind the spate of armed robberies! In his submission on radio in the past couple of days, he clearly made camouflaged confessions that his people were causing confusion in order to bamboozle the nation, praying that the stigma of violence will hold. But who is more murderous than the NDC? Who is more violent than the NDC? Have they soon forgotten their history? They have not apostatised over the years, and they are certainly not going to now! H.E. Jerry John Rawlings, “Papa J”, made a statement that insinuated that the escalation of crime in the country was politically motivated. But clever as he is, he hoped that they were not politically motivated. With this subtle warning, he did not escape the naked insults by his own party buffoons. When Jerry Rawlings speaks on such a matter in this manner, he knows very well what he is saying because he understands how capable the NDC criminals are at creating instability. His own people have done it before and are doing it now, otherwise why would they free from prison hardened criminals shortly before they handed over power.

Folks, the NDC has, allegedly, hired thugs and professional armed robbers to raise the rate of crime to alarming levels. Information that we have indicate that the NDC is in cahoots with the gangsters to perpetrate evil in order to deter investors, thus creating a bad name for the government. Well, I believe this allegation because each time they are in opposition, same happens. It happened when they lost to John Agyekum Kufuor in 2000, and it is happening now. Besides, what can be more lucrative for professional armed robbers who are already in the business, and could care less if they got caught or killed? After all they do know the consequences of their actions. Getting paid to do what they do for a living anyway is very enticing, don’t you think?

The cache of weapons with the NDC include RBGs, automatic machine guns, missiles and much more. They have a big arsenal, I am informed. During the NDC era, large truckloads of arms and ammunition were arrested in various parts of the country, and many such arrests have allegedly vanished. Brothers and sisters, the NDC seems to have systematically planned a series of horror attacks in the country. In as much as I would hate to discuss this, it is only a matter of nationalism to raise awareness that the NDC is a criminal lot that never had the nation at heart…and they are not willing to have her just yet!

From many sources, the inferences all point to the John Mahama’s faction of the NDC that is more like the extremist wing of any group of ideologues. The John Mahama faction represents the wickedness in man that continues to manifest ingeniously. Theirs is like the perpetual smokiness of a rocky mountain that is cold, unwelcome, and abusive. The NDC criminals cannot even qualify to be idiots! They are murderers!

The security services must raid the houses of these nation wreckers, and other places. The NDC, in a strategy much like Opuni’s, who was alleged to have stocked billions of Ghana Cedis in the bunker of an abandoned building, are said to have done same with their cache of arms and ammunitions. So I beseech the IGP, the Ministers of Interior, Defense, and National Security to please do the right thing. They must uncover the mystery that is all too obvious, and which carries a bold NDC signature!

I wish to make a passionate appeal to save Ghana from these irrational war mongers. I applaud those patriotic citizens who arrested the armed robbers at Osu a couple of days ago after they were chased and hit by a taxi driver. Such people must be proffered with Ghana’s highest honours. Their exemplary patriotism must be emulated by all well-meaning Ghanaians in order that our country will remain free forever!

As at now, the NDC criminals have hi-jacked our peace, but they cannot run off with it to anywhere!

By Fadi Dabbousi

Fadi Dabbousi Samih
Fadi Dabbousi Samih

The author has authored 270 publications on Modern Ghana.
Author's column: FadiDabbousi

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