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February 9, 2018 | Opinions Opinion/Feature

Lower Manya Krobo Constituency NPP Chairmanship Race, A Letter To All Delegates

Gilbert Nyarko
Lower Manya Krobo Constituency NPP Chairmanship Race, A Letter To All Delegates

The timing of this message might not be the best but it's content must never be overlooked. When you take a walk through the whole Constituency and you listen to the voice of well meaning patriots of our party(NPP), one common clause that is ringing is "We can't afford to lose the seat in 2020" and this tells you that we are in a critical moment and it is very important to sound this message which comes in a form of appeal into the ears of the delegates who are going to decide on who should play the pivotal role in the next four years as Lower Manya Krobo Constituency Chairman.

I'm pushed to write this piece since we cannot put any blame on anyone especially the yet to be elected Executives after the Constituency Elections. The onus lies in us especially the delegates to carefully examine the Candidates vying for the Constituency Chairmanship race.

One may ask why is my focus only on the Chairmanship slot and not on all the other equally important positions being vied for. We have gone far in this endeavor and it is time that we have to come into realization and elect very focus and formidable executives having observed what happened during the 2016 Campaigning and Electioneering period where we lost the seat with just 327 votes.

The best thing a Constituency like Lower Manya Krobo should be willing to grab is a seat in Parliament. An NPP seat in Parliament and that could be the greatest achievement of all time especially since the inception of the Fourth Republic.

As a Constituency Chairman no matter the Candidate you support in Parliamentary Primaries, it is always good to throw your weight behind whoever is elected as Parliamentary Candidate and it is by so doing that you can dream of winning the seat.

The Constituency Chairman must therefore be a person who possesses the following features;

1. Resourceful
Here, resourceful doesn't mean that the person should be a millionaire or billionaire but someone who can join resources with the Parliamentary Candidate to undertake certain sensitive projects in the bid to win the Parliamentary seat. A person who is ready to give out as though he or she is the Parliamentary Candidate. He or She must be someone who should be able to provide petty logistics to run the Campaign without deeply relying on the Party or others.

2. Integrity
Integrity is a very important factor to consider when choosing a leader. A man with integrity issues cannot and must not be elected to lead. The Constituency Chairman must be someone who is accorded some level of respect by members within the Party and even outside. Someone who cannot be lured or intimidated. A person whose integrity cannot be compromised.

3. A man who has made a name for himself.
This will be termed to some people as someone who have links. Yes, someone who is known and whose appearance is respected. The logic here is that,he got attracted to people easily and this will enhance the Party's fortune in the Constituency. At the mention of a word then the work is done because he has some respect.

I have no doubt in my mind that if delegates of Lower Manya Krobo consider this view expressed which actually reflects the opinion of many others on the grounds, we shall have a briefing space to regret after the elections.

Let me reemphasize however that, a Constituency where the Chairman and the Parliamentary Candidate are very much focused, even if there's any misunderstanding or cracks within the executive body, people will find it very difficult to notice that.

I wouldn't be wrong per my observation and Careful examination of Candidates vying for the Chairmanship slot to say that Mr. Charles Borkor(Eastern Regional Patron of NPP) is the best Choice for Lower Manya Krobo Constituency Chairmanship Position.

God bless you for making the right Choice for the betterment of the Party in Lower Manya Krobo Constituency and to grab the seat in 2020.

Gilbert Nyarko(NPP Party faithful)

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Gilbert Nyarko and do not neccessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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