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Feb 3, 2018 | Regional News

Premix Coordinator For Southern Volta Drags Regional Director To Court

Premix Coordinator For Southern Volta Drags Regional Director To Court

The Coordinator of Volta Marine, Premix Secretariat Elikem Sewordor, has dragged his Regional Coordinator to court for defamation.

Following the nationwide premix diversion scandal that hit the Secretariat, the Volta Regional Coordinator, attributing his claims to some fishermen, accused Elikem Sewordor, the Southern Volta Coordinator of the Premix Secretariat, of leading an organized operation to divert and hoard fuel meant for the fisher-folk in the region.

Although Elikem came out earlier to deny the claims levelled against him, he said the suit is to save his image which was exposed to public ridicule and also compel his Regional Coordinator to substantiate the allegations.

In a writ of summons copied to, lawyers for the plaintiff stated that the utterances by the defendant which were published on a local Radio station, Victory FM and Citi FM were libellous and defamatory to the character of the plaintiff.

“The plaintiff claims against the defendant are as follows; A declaration in Ewe Language which utterances when translated in English means; “Elikem says he was employed before me- I accept that. The fact is he says I do not understand the premix supply job. That is clear but the job that he knows is to the diversion of fuel- is it stealing the stealing of the fuel? If premix is sent to the fishermen in the south, they will divert the fuel. Diversion of fuel is what they have been doing along the coast there. Sometimes they send the diverted fuel to Togo. I have been informed that the cost of one tanker of fuel is GHC19, 000.00 but when they divert it to Togo, they make GHC 50,000.00” which were uttered and published by the defendant against the plaintiff on 05/12/2017.”

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