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22.07.2005 General News

Darfur Refugees Impregnating Ghanaian Girls


Residents of Bukom and James Town, yesterday supported policemen to quell an uprising by Darfurian refugees being housed in Ussher Fort. Residents of Abola, the area housing Ussher Fort, are not happy with the sexual escapades of the refugees, saw yesterday's battle by the police with the 'unwelcome visitors', as an opportunity to vent their anger.

In separate interviews, they cried out about how some of their girls have even been impregnated by the refugees, no wonder one of them removed his shirt and went to the aid of the guard, who was attacked by the inmates in the preliminary stage of what turned out to be a full-fledged pandemonium, with the refugees engaging the residents in a stone-throwing encounter.

According to a source, the trouble started when the lone policeman guarding the refugees, Constable John Ali, refused to allow one of the inmates to take a walk outside the main structure. The inmates are known to go out, especially in the evenings, a past-time, which certain residents claim has led to the impregnation of the area girls, by the strangers. The cop, being new to this duty post, did not know that there is a certain degree of freedom enjoyed by the inmates, which allows them to go buy items as toiletries, and to make friends among the local girls. During the course of trying to restrain the refugee, a scuffle ensured, which attracted the attention of others who rushed to the aid of their colleague.