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14.07.2005 General News

Rejoinder – Ghana’s Supreme Court Judges Or Clowns

Ministry of Information

The judicial system in Ghana is comparable to that in any part of the world and it is most regrettable that the author of the above-mentioned article seeks to throw dust into the eyes of the public by levelling accusations without a shred of evidence.

The present Chief Justice has instituted reforms aimed at ensuring the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

Only those who refuse to see any good of this government or have an agenda besmear the government will fail to recognize this.

These are the sort of people who praise the judicial system only when the courts deliver judgments in their favour and malign it when the verdict is unfavorable to them.

Quite recently, Ms Sherry Ayittey, a prominent member of the 31st December Women's Movement and an NDC sympathizer, was set free by the courts after a trial over her alleged involvement in a bribery scandal in the divestiture of state company.

Does this suggest that the courts are under the control or influence of the President or the Executive? What does the writer make of that? Or was the judge under NDC influence?

Prior to the Judgment, there were rumours by the opposition that the President had instructed that Miss Aryittey should be jailed and yet she was acquitted. What fallacy?

The judiciary is a vital and sensitive arm of government and we should not play politics or mischief with it.