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11.07.2005 General News

Ghana - 53.7 % UK Visa Refusal Rate


The Acting British High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Robin Gwen has noted that the supposed high refusal rate of Ghanaian Visa applicants to the United Kingdom is due to the equally high rate of forged documents presented by applicants.

In her report to the British Parliament, an independent Monitor for Entry Clearance, Miss Fiona Lindsay, ranked Ghana as the 2nd highest refusal rate country with fifty three point seven per cent (53.7 %) after Uganda. The report put the global refusal average for non-settlement Visas as fifteen point four per cent (15.4%), a rise from thirteen per cent (13%) in 2002-2003.

But speaking to a local radio station, Mr. Gwen noted that there are so many people who apply for visas with forged documents and that explain the high refusal rate in Ghana. Mr. Gwen however added that his outfit would be meeting with Miss Fiona Lindsay to scrutinize the report.