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October 7, 2017 | General News

A Mother journey through rain to take her kids to school

A Mother journey through rain to take her kids to school

This morning’s rains wreaked havoc for many Ghanaians living in Accra.

Captured in this photo is a compelling scene of a mother of three making a precarious journey through the rains to take her children to school.

She gets to a flooded area. It is a culvert built by residents of Nmai Dzorn, Zoomlion.

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The woman with a baby wrapped behind her, is seen struggling to cross the culvert on the road, with her two kids; one draped in a big black plastic bag, with the other in a raincoat, all of them, bare-footed.

While providing cover for her little baby with her umbrella, on one hand, she lifts the two up by the arm one after the other across the culvert, into the flooded area and together ‘journey’ on to school.

By: Caleb Kudah/

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