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Sep 26, 2017 | General News

Terror Alert At Accra Mall: Police Say Tracing Whatsapp Hoax Difficult

By CitiFMonline
Terror Alert At Accra Mall: Police Say Tracing Whatsapp Hoax Difficult

The Ghana Police Service has said it is facing challenges in identifying the persons responsible for the circulation of the fake terror alert at the Accra Mall.

According to the police, the medium on which the fake message emanated from, WhatsApp, has made it difficult for the Cyber Crime Unit to trace.

There were reports on social media about a supposed terror attack at the Accra Mall on Sunday. However, the police in a statement refuted the reports.

Investigations into the fake terror alert started on Sunday, per a statement from the police.

Despite the technical challenges, the Cyber Crime Unit says it is working vigorously to apprehend the perpetrators given the serious implications for the security of the whole country.

In an interview with Citi News, the Director-General, Public Affairs Unit of the Police, ACP David Eklu, said “the experts are telling me they might have some challenges in identifying who put up this information, but they are experts so I will leave that to them.”

“Apparently, the news emanated from WhatsApp, which makes it difficult for the experts to trace those who put out this information. But investigations have been initiated to get the persons involved, but it depends on how fast they would get the right information,” ACP Eklu noted.

Ghana's Criminal Code states that, the circulation of any statement, rumor or report which is likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or disturb the public peace is a misdemeanor.

By: Ann-Shirley Ziwu/

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