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18.06.2005 General News

Lecturer to develop water-powered car

A lecturer in Industrial Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) says he has made a breakthrough in the development of the theory for the production of water-powered cars after 10 years of research.

Mr D.K. Mensah in an interview on Thursday said he had started negotiations with a mechanical engineer at the university, and some technicians to fabricate the various parts of the design for the engine and put them together to get the engine ready for trial by the middle of next year.

He said when everything became successful; Ghana would be the eventual beneficiary.

Mr Mensah pointed out that the only problem was funding, but he was hopeful that it could be resolved to enable his dream materialise.

“From all indications the engines will be reliable, durable and efficient, and they will reduce the nation's total dependence on fossil fuels,” the lecturer said.

According to him, many other cars could use the engine by just removing the old engines and fixing the water propelled engines in them.

Expressing concern about how the high cost of fossil fuel was crippling the economy, Mr Mensah expressed the hope that the production of the water-propelled engines would bring some sanity into the economy.

The lecturer stated that the switch to other fuels had been significant in non-automobile applications, including space warming, electricity generation, industrial process energy and agriculture, whereas in the automobile industry gasoline had been the main source of energy.

Mr Mensah referred to Brazil which designed alcohol-powered vehicles in 1981 when the country realised that automobiles were consuming about 80 per cent of its fuel imports.

He was optimistic that the engines, when fixed to a car, would be very strong and be able to contain the vagaries of the weather.

Mr Mensah said the filter system of the engine was developed to the point that any water put in it would be filtered properly and consumed by the engine.

He indicated that “water is fuel” and that it was the main fuel God created for mankind to use.

The lecturer stated that while petrol was a non-renewable substance, water was recyclable naturally.