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11 September 2017 | General News

Man Named In Central Medical Stores Theft Goes To Court For Justice

Man Named In Central Medical Stores Theft Goes To Court For Justice

A man who was named as being part of a syndicate which stole drugs and other medical supplies from the Central Medical Stores (CMS) says he has been wrongfully accused.

Inua Yusuf, who was said to be an officer of the CMS at the time, denies any involvement in the incidences he has been cited for.

“Without any evidence or iota of truth, the Government Statement maliciously named me as one of the officers of the CMS who were identified by the National Security investigations as being part of a network at CMS responsible for the systemic theft of large quantities of medical supplies and irregularities in the procurement and allocations to health institutions.

“I was not an officer of the CMS. I only represented the MoH to oversee its operation and report. I did not possess or exercise any authorizing/approval powers. I was never investigated or found guilty by any court of competent jurisdiction for taking medical supplies belonging to the CMS,” he added.

Ghana in 2015, lost about $80 million worth of medicines and other medical supplies when fire razed the CMS at Tema in the Greater Accra Region.

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The uninsured CMS contained every conceivable drug imported into the country, including drugs for deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and Ebola.

A committee established to investigate the case blamed it on arson, naming one Samuel Dogbe , a labourer at the Medical Stores as being behind the fire.

In 2016, 12 officials of the Ghana Health Service who were also accused of playing various roles in the arson were also interdicted.

Among the list put out by the then Health Minister, Alex Segbefia, was Yusuf.

But Yusuf said it is “total falsehood about me. It is utterly untrue, misleading, very embarrassing and lacks credibility in respect of the conclusions made against me, which were completely based on hearsay.

He said although he represented the Ministry of Health a member of the CMS Management Committee – position he held for one year – “I only attended management meetings at the CMS and never possessed nor exercised any authorizing/approving powers. I was not an officer of the CMS, as the Government Statement erroneously portrayed.”

The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) who took part in the investigations , according to Yusuf called to apologise for his inclusion in the list and asked him to convey the mishap to the Director which Yusuf did.

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However, no changes were made. The media continued its reportage with Yusuf’s name, a development he found unfair.

As a response to his petition delayed, he proceeded to report the issue to the Health Minister who said he was awaiting advice from the Attorney General for the right thing to be done.

But nothing came out of that either, although the Attorney General promised to resolve the matter.

In a renewed petition to the current Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu; Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo and the Coordinator of the National Security Secretariat, Yusuf said “I have needlessly and unjustifiably suffered much injustice as a result of the publication of this Government Statement.”

He says the injustice continues as the former health minister placed an indefinite ban on him, preventing him from working at the temporal warehouse.

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“The Public Services Commission (PSC) denied me equal opportunity to an interview for appointment as Director for Supplies, Stores and Drug Management (SSDM) of GHS. My letter of invitation to the interview was reversed based on the Government Statement.

Yusuf in his new petition is asking among other things, that his name be expunged from the list of officers named in the Governemnt Statement.

He also wants a lifting of the “constitutionally unwarranted ban and restriction on me from carrying out my lawful duties in all areas of my legitimately chosen profession in MoH facilities.”

Yusuf said if this is not done within a reasonable time, he will have no choice but to seek redress in court.

Story by Ghana | | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | [email protected]