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06.06.2005 Regional News

Madina Catholic Students Union donate blood


Madina, June 6, GNA - A total of 84 members of the Madina Catholic Students Union (CASU), on Sunday donated blood to the National Blood Bank at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Union at the premises of the Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Madina.

The exercise attracted in a large number of students from the various churches in Madina.

Speaking to GNA, the President of CASU, Mr. Richard Delali Agbenu, said the blood donation was embarked upon to help the sick and those who had been involved in fatal accidents and needed blood.

Mr. Agbenu said the 20th anniversary begun in February this year adding that members of CASU last week presented stationary valued over five hundred thousand cedis to the Frafraha Foster Home.

He promised that in August CASU would organise a cleanup and prepare food for the inmates of the Frafraha Foster Home. In an interview with Mr Samuel Nunoo, the Assistant Chief Organiser of the National Blood Transfusion Service, said in Ghana about 55% of people belong to the "O" Positive Rhesus blood group, while those in "A" Group are about 22%.

Mr. Nunoo added that those in the Blood Group "B" are about 18% and the "AB" Group in the country are about 5% and appealed to the public to come out voluntarily to donate blood to save life. He said people who suffer from high blood pressure, epilepsy, hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV, asthma and those receiving treatment for malaria are not permitted to donate.

The Assistant Chief Organiser of the Korle-Bu Blood Transfusion Unit said about 50 units of blood were used daily to help patients who needed blood to survive.

He mentioned that blood donation from the National Blood Transfusion Unit were distributed free of charge to the 37 Military Hospital, Ridge Hospital, SSNIT Hospital, Police Hospital and some private hospitals within the Accra Metropolitan areas.

Mr Nunoo also mentioned that the birth day of the scientist, Mr. Carl Landstiner who identify the blood groups of "AB" and "O" Rhesus is used to commemorate the "World Blood Donation Day'. He added that June 14, 2005 would be used as an open day at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital to enable the public to ask questions on blood donation.