23.05.2005 General News

Hotel Kufuor: Ex-Owner To talk

By Ghanaian Voice
Hotel Kufuor: Ex-Owner To talk
LISTEN MAY 23, 2005

At last, Mr A.E. Saoud has condescended to talk, and he is to fly in from his Middle East base anytime from this weekend to bare his heart out to the Ghanaian media.

Certainly, hearing the issues put as it is from the horse's own mouth would be the best, but The Ghanaian Voice can state that the issues would be very interesting.

For sometime now, The Ghanaian Voice has been trying, albeit to no avail, to get Mr. A.E. Saoud, the logs and lumber merchant of Kumasi but now domiciled in the Middle East, to give his version on issues bordering on his reasons for doing away with a real estate property, for which insiders give him so much credit.

That is, its proximity to the KIA executive surroundings and easy access for clients to either the central business district; or to very quality medical attention, when sick. Checking on stories of alleged misappropriation of funds and questionable acquisition of certain machinery and timber felling equipments involving Mr Saoud and some business partners based in Kumasi, The Ghanaian Voice decided to push in the issue of the HIPC Junction-based hotel.

Our source and leads went mum quite surprisingly. Later, it was explained by another source that Mr Saoud had not wanted to be putting his business matters in the media as other businessmen might misconstrue the whole issue and thus, be reluctant in doing business with him.

However, about three weeks ago when The Ghana-brouhaha over his timber business in Kumasi, Mr Saoud will be clearing the air over the controversial hotel located near the HIPC Junction. The source hinted that the businessman would want "to put the mischief over the hotel out of his mind" once and for all, and would condescend to a press conference.

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