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17 June 2017 | Sports News

When I see Andre we talk like normal friends, I’ve got my entourage, he’s got his people - Gyan

When I see Andre we talk like normal friends, I’ve got my entourage, he’s got his people - Gyan

Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan has asked the public to desist from stoking an imaginary divide amongst players of the national team.

He said pitching one player against the other was not healthy and good for the team.

On Sunday during the Afcon qualifier match between Ghana and Ethiopia, there were reports of a rift between Gyan and his deputy Dede Ayew.

There were suggestions that was why Gyan refused to hand the captain's armband he was wearing to Dede when he was substituted.

It was however later explained by the team that, Gyan wore a customized armband with his photo on it to celebrate his 50th goal milestone for the national team, and so when he was substituted, Ayew had to be given a different armband.

In a radio interview on Joy FM Thursday night, Gyan said reports of a rivalry are mere imaginations of people.

'Andre has got his own friends after camping… when I see Andre Ayew we talk like normal friends, you know, I've also got my entourage I move around with everywhere I go. I cannot call Andre and say Andre, let's go to the bar or let's go here, he's also got his people, but when we are in the camp, we are team mates, we share ideas together, we crack jokes together. It doesn't mean that after the camping we have to do everything together.'

Asked what he makes of reports of little tensions between him and Dede, Gyan said: 'I hear a lot of things… for me what I will say is that, these media people should stop this rivalry thing, they shouldn't create something which is not there. Even when I was in Dubai, Andre came with his club for pre-season, he called me, we met and we went out, we ate, and he went back to camp. People should not create that, it is not going to help the team, honestly. But what I want to say is, to summarise everything, Andre is my guy,' Gyan said.

Meanwhile the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu in a similar faction has asked the public to desist from such speculations when none exists.

He said when the team visited him recently at the Manhyia Palace, he saw a sense of camaraderie amongst all the players.

Ayew and Gyan sat next to each other and were exchanging pleasantries and smiles all the time and I saw no tension between them, the Asantehene said.

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