18.05.2005 General News

The Rot At NADMO

By Free Press
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Workers of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) nationwide are aggrieved about the way the top management of the organisation are abusing their office whilst the workers continue to suffer poor conditions of service.

In an expose similar to the recent one at the Energy Commission the workers have vowed to advise themselves if their coordinator, Brigadier Joseph Odei is not kicked out of office. Among other things, the workers claim that whilst their salaries were among the lowest in the country ¢500,000 a month and their pay checks came irregularly, Brigadier Odei has adopted a lavish life-style at the expense of the organisation.

Also he was accused to have commandeered two Toyota land cruiser vehicles, a green one with registration no. GT 1907V and a metallic one registered GT 1971V, whilst some districts are without vehicles. In addition, he has taken a blue VW passat vehicle which he keeps at home for his family and then further taken a new Toyota Pickup as a standby vehicle.

Even though Brigadier Odei lives in his own house at Adenta, Nadmo pays him a rent allowance of 8000 dollars (about ¢74 million) a month. In a bid to stifle opposition to his dictatorial rule, Brigadier Odei has transferred most of his vociferous critics to Northern, Upper East and West regions whilst rewarding his loyalists with promotions and perks. Among those transferred is his own personal driver who perhaps knows too much.

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