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The All Sufficient God: Do You Know Him?

The All Sufficient God: Do You Know Him?
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The content of the Holy Bible is to reveal God through our Lord Jesus Christ to us and the way He expects us to live by given us human experience and their relationship with Him the Almighty. God still appears to us and confides and relates to us to those who hear Him (John 10:27-28) and follow.It is not all who claim to hear Him do?

Gen 17:1 ...Jehovah appeared to Abram and said to him, I am the All-sufficient God; Walk before Me, and be perfect.

Phil 1:19 For I know that for me this will turn out to salvation through your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

We need to learn the meaning of the title of God in 17:1, the all-sufficient God. In Hebrew this title is El-Shaddai. El means the Strong One, the Mighty One, and Shaddai, implying the meaning of breast, udder, means all-sufficient. El-Shaddai is the Mighty One with an udder, the Mighty One who has the all-sufficient supply. An udder produces milk, and the milk is the all-sufficient supply, having water, minerals, and many vitamins in it and containing all that we need for our daily living. So El-Shaddai means the all-sufficient Mighty One.

God also told Abraham to be perfect. What does it mean to be perfect? For Abraham to be imperfect did not mean that he was not good; it meant that he was short of God. None of us can be perfected without God. Without God, there is no perfection. Without Him, we are always lacking something. Therefore to be shedding ourselves away and for God to have absolute control of our lives.And to be able to do that God has to have our spirit relating to ceaselessly with God.

Practically speaking, to be perfect means that we do not rely upon the strength of the flesh [i.e., self] but trust in the all-sufficient Mighty One for our life and work. We must always trust in God's all-sufficiency for everything. Many of us, for example, are troubled by our temper. Why do we lose our temper at certain times? Because at those times we do not trust in God. The losing of our temper should force us to learn one lesson never to stay away from God but to trust in Him every moment. Do not try to overcome your temper. If you forget your temper and trust in God every moment, your temper will be overcome.

Trying to force these are bound to fail but putting all things under the control of this Mighty and all Sufficient God the right way to go as a Christian. Making or given Jesus Christ to dominate our lives and having the upper hand in all things enables you to leave in total peace. it is practical and both spiritual supposing you have one Who deals with all your difficult issues for you when you get into trouble you won't worry but wait to tell him to solve it for you.A child who knows his/her parents will always help them do their homework will gladly wait on them when they meet difficult homework from school.