30.04.2005 General News

Maulvi Adam: Worship of God remains mere lip service

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Accra, April 30, GNA - The Ameer and Missionary in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana on Saturday noted that the claim of most adherents of religion to the worship of God remained mere lip service.

This was because it was an accepted fact with all religions that faith without works was vain, Maulvi Wahab Adam said while inaugurating a 200 million-cedi mosque built by Hajia Jameela Amamoo Kortey at Santa Maria in Accra.

Maulvi Adam said worship that did not translate into moral and spiritual upliftment was a sham. "A worshipper who enters a House of God should not return from it without a change for the better."

He said materialism had taken such deep roots in religious people that the worship of God had given way to the worship of material goods. "People are regarded rather for the material goods that they possess and not for their moral standing in society," Maulvi Adam said. He said this explained the "mad rush" for the acquisition of material goods, but pointed out that while there was nothing wrong with the acquisition of material goods, it must be guided by sound moral principles.

"Therefore, if worship does not lead the worshiper to this basic realisation, it amounts to self delusion and does not deserve to be called the worship of God."

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