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Nzema NPP Condemns Malicious Attacks On The President's Appointee, Dr Ben Asante As CEO Of Ghana GAS

NPP in the three Nzema constituencies comprising: Evalue Ajomoro Gwira, Ellembelle and Jomoro write to condemn persistent media attacks on Dr Ben Asante, who has been appointed as the caretaker CEO of Ghana Gas by some individuals calling themselves Nzema Youth Association (NYA)

We find these attacks as not only an affront on the hard earned reputation of Dr Ben Asante, but also a disrespect to the judgement of His Excellency president Nana Akufo Addo, aimed at making his excellency unpopular and a grand agenda to destroy the fortunes of the NPP in the three Nzema constituencies ahead of the 2020 elections. How on earth will they have described the appointment of Dr Ben Asante as " illogical"?

We state without any equivocation that persons behind these serial unwarranted, malicious publications are known NDC and CPP/NDC activist who never wished the NPP well in Nzemaland. They employed the same tribal and ethnocentric campaign in the 2016 electioneering campaign but failed.

We in the NPP believe that His Excellency is vested with the power and authority to appoint and disappoint, Men and Women who he so wishes to help in his government, after thorough background checks on the appointees.

We therefore welcome the appointment of Dr Ben Asante as the caretaker CEO of Ghana Gas and declare our unflinching support and co-operation to help him succeed as CEO for the benefit of all.

Our major enemy is the massive youth unemployment in our area and our hope is that Dr Ben Asante will bring his expertise to bear on creating the enabling environment to create and provide jobs for the youth who worked tirelessly, voted massively for the NPP.

We will not sit and fold our arms for some 3-member Nzema Youth Association to erase the goodwill and support for the party by throwing mud at the president and his appointee to Ghana Gas.

We call on all true party faithfuls, our teeming supporters, sympathisers and the general public to disregard and treat with the contempt that it deserves any publication, agitation against the president's choice for the job of CEO at Ghana Gas.

Let us all support and have faith in his excellency president Akufo Addo and his team.

Let us position ourselves and take advantage of the numerous opportunities yet to come our way.

We shouldn't allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by some selfish and greedy individuals who want to reap


what they have not sown.
Nzemamaanle Nkosuo!
Western Region Nkosuo!!
NPP Nkosuo!!
Ghana Nkosuo!!
1. Sarfo Hayford : Comn Dir. Evalue A. Gwira. (0209661879)

2. Joseph Nyanzu Blay: Comn Dir. Jomoro ( 0208421448)

3. Amonle Armatey - Comn. Member, Ellembelle (0506613006 )

4. Samuel Erzoah-Comn. Member Ellembelle ( 0508565220)

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