12.04.2005 Crime & Punishment

Aflao police pays fine for a convict

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Aflao, April 12, GNA - The Aflao police last Friday paid a 600,000-cedi fine on behalf of a default convict whose tip-off averted a jail break at the Aflao Police cells recently.

Dafliso Seibi, 31, a fetish priest, was awaiting transfer to the Ho Prisons to begin a three-month term for failing to pay the fine imposed on him by an Aflao Circuit Court for deceiving a public officer. While in the cells with 22 other inmates, including 16 armed robbery suspects, he wrote a note and pushed it through the iron bar gate into the Charge Office, exposing an escape plan by his colleagues. Police said the remand prisoners had sprinkled a chemical with corrosive properties on the cell wall to wear it down to enable them break out.

Police moved all in the cell, except Seibi, to the Ho Prisons. Based on hints that the prisoners had planned to eliminate Seibi in case he was brought to join them, Seibi's the Aflao police paid the fine to free him.

The Police told Ghana News Agency (GNA) that Seibi, who hails from Goi near Big Ada, was sentenced to the fine when a report he made to the police that some four persons had contracted him to spiritually eliminate one Mr Martin Adamu turned out to a hoax.

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