28.03.2005 Regional News

Be guided by Palm Sunday, Good Friday lessons

28.03.2005 LISTEN

Apam, March 28, GNA - The Pastor of the Apam Salvation Army church, Captain Samuel Atuahene has called on people in positions of trust to let the lessons of Palm Sunday and Good Friday to be their guide in dealing with people around them.
"Jubilations and praises of Hosanna on Palm Sunday suddenly changed to crucify him just some few days later on Good Friday," he noted. "This attitude of the people should make those in authority know that not all those who flatter them with praises wish them well," Capt. Atuahene stated in a sermon at an Easter service at Apam. The theme for the sermon was "Christ resurrection - a hope for believers".
Capt. Atuahene said a lot of Christians condemn Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus but had forgotten that there were a lot "Iscariots among our present generation destroying others for personal gains". He urged Christians to share the joy in the resurrection of Christ with non-believers since if he had not there would not have been any hope for mankind.
Capt. Atuahene asked Christians to do away with negative tendencies, which separated them from God, adding that, when Jesus rose from the dead he did not resurrect the cloth used in wrapping his body from the grave because it had been contaminated with sin. He reminded Christians that they would rise from death one day but only those who lived righteous lives would be admitted into heaven, which was the place all should be fighting now that they were alive.

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